Not Snuggling

Dad sometimes says we’re “snuggle buns.” He even claims to have photographic proof. But as always, it’s ALL LIES.

we're not snuggling!

You see, this is actually just a complicated optical illusion that causes it to look (to your inferior human eyes) like we’re snuggling. But we’re not.

Nope. Nuh-uh. Not hardly.

Seriously, no, we’re not snuggling at all.

Not snuggling.


Ok, ok, we were snuggling… just don’t tell dad he was right!!!


Gus's Newer Portrait






8 responses to “Not Snuggling”

  1. D Moll Avatar

    Ok, not snuggling, just leaning on each other…

  2. Erin Avatar

    Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me!

  3. Shadowydreamer Avatar

    Awww. You two are also not the cutest things ever as you don’t snuggle 🙂

  4. Crafty Green poet Avatar

    of course you’re not snuggling, why would you want to snuggle…..

  5. The Bunns Avatar

    “Gus is a snuggler, Gus is a snuggler!” …………………….

  6. MatsB Avatar

    Oh, what a cute pair of snuggle buns!

  7. Freckles and Deb Avatar

    Yup, definitely snuggling. (And you look quite comfy there!)