It’s a Tough Life Being Me

It’s a tough life, being me.

Yep. It sure is.







8 responses to “It’s a Tough Life Being Me”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    I think it’s tougher being ME, Gus… stop using me as a pillow!

  2. Speedy Rabbit Avatar

    But Betsy Gus love’s you!

  3. brandi Avatar

    That is definately a pose from Bunny Cam! The angle is the give away, so is the pose. lol. I love rabbit blogs. So many rabbits to estalk and love! I send smooches to these two babies.

  4. Mickey (and Jade) Avatar

    Thanks a lot, guys! You got Mum *squee*-ing all over the place with that uncontrolled cute. She got so distracted, she was late feeding me! Honestly, think of the consequences before you get all cuddly where the cameras can find you.

  5. Lisa (The Human) Avatar

    Careful you might strain something if you do anymore 🙂

  6. brandi Avatar

    I read about how your mom saved your from little butthead kids, Gus. You deserve a life of leisure and treats on demand.

  7. the bunns Avatar

    We try and we practice but we just can’t quite measure up yet Gus. What is your secret?

  8. Reiko bun Avatar
    Reiko bun

    Hoomans don’t understand that sleeping is hard work.