Awww, Thanks!

Thanks everyone for your tips and best wishes… I am doing fine. As I tried to tell dad, I just wasn’t hungry that one night. I’ve been enjoying the crackers and dandilion greens that dad’s put out for us every day since then.

I think mum & dad just over-react sometimes. Silly humans.


I’m not Hungry, Dad

The night before last I wasn’t very hungry when dad put out dinner, so I didn’t go over and eat anything.

This turned out to be a big mistake.

Dad and mum fretted for a while and then picked me up and syringe-fed me that nasty “critical care” stuff and rubbed my tummy. Ugh! I was so mad I started chewing on the towel they put me on!

Eventually they put me back down. They said that I need to eat or else I’ll get sick. I guess I’d better at least take a token bite of my dinner every night, in case they do this again. Geez!!!


Betsy’s Pooping, and I’m Pooped!

Betsy is feeling much better – she says a big bunny “thank you” to everone for their well-wishing. She’s eating normally again and pooping as a bunny should poop.

As for me… I’m pooped!

sleepy gus

Keeping an eye on Betsy during this time was tough work. I had to stay up late with dad (he kept saying up late to watch over Betsy, what a sucker) and of course that’s rough work for a bunny.

So I took a little nap today in dad’s office, and like the crazy human he is, he filmed me.

Dad, you are crazy.


Betsy Pooped!

Oh you should’ve seen dad and mum when they saw that Betsy had pooped.

Humans are so silly.

Betsy’s glad, though. She says if they have to force-feed her that critical care stuff one more time… well, I don’t want to think about what she’ll do!!


Betsy’s Back

Dad and Mum and Betsy went off to the vet and they just came back… dad says Betsy’s going to be OK. Betsy says she didn’t like the vet AT ALL. She said they “did things” to her and “poked” her and took her temperature – and that’s all she’ll say on the matter. Dad says she’s going to have to be “fed” something called “critical care” until she starts pooping again.

Dad says he always gets worried about GI Statis whenever we stop eating – he’s so thoughful sometimes. But Betsy did eat a little on the way home, so he says she should be OK. I’m glad to hear that!

Betsy did say that she gave the vet a really good THUMP as she was going back into the carrier – that’ll show her!

I’m just glad I didn’t have to go – although dad is calling me “shaggy butt” again and he keeps looking at the Furminator thing… I think I may have to stay low today. Maybe I’ll hang out with Betsy in a corner… that’ll keep dad away.

Anyway, Betsy says a big rabbit “thank you” to everyone and she’s feeling a bit better now (although not 100% yet).

And now… for a well-deserved nap!


Betsy’s Not Feeling Well

Yesterday Betsy said her tummy wasn’t feeling well and she didn’t want any breakfast. She sort of moped around all day, which got dad all worked up. And when she wasn’t interested in dinner, dad AND mum got worked up. (Not eating is a big deal for us rabbits.)

So dad picked up Betsy (she offered little resistance, which is how I knew she wasn’t feeling top-notch) and he said he heard loud gurgling from her belly, so he and mum gave her a tummy-rub.

Then, they locked Betsy in the “bunny prison” but left me on the outside – whee! Fun! If only Betsy could join me…

This morning Betsy still hasn’t eaten (well, not really, she ate two sprigs of parsley and that’s it) and hasn’t pooped either… and I heard dad mention the “vet” word. Uh-oh.

I’m going to lay outside the “bunny prison” and keep an eye on Betsy – I’ll write more later!

Ugh – A Yucky Day

Yesterday I didn’t feel too good. I wasn’t really that hungry and… err… well I didn’t like it when mom and dad said I had “poopy butt.” Mom said I’d had too much apple or crackers the past few days – so no more of that for me, and dad said I have to eat more hay.

And to make it worse, they picked me up and cleaned my bottom!

Though… I guess I do feel better now, and it is nice to have less to clean up. I guess they did pretty good (this time).


The Scary Vet

My dad tricked me yesterday! He offered me treats – my favorite, dried cranberries – but he just ended up sticking the both of us into the nasty car carrier and driving us to the vet! Oh how I hate going there!

I especially don’t like the bit where they stick that thing in my mouth and look at my teeth. And then my dad had the audacity to leave us there! Something about our teeth having “points” or something like that. I don’t really remember much else – I think I fell asleep! But I was not happy with him. When we got home I went straight under the bed in protest, and when Betsy didn’t come, I went out and got her and together we sulked under the bed.

My dad pleaded with us the next day to forgive him, and he apologized (while also reminding us that we only go to the vet once a year), but still… I don’t like the vet!!


Gus’s Portrait

Doing Better

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing much better. My paw hardly hurts at all now, and my dad tells me that my claw looks clean and is healing nicely. Thank goodness for that; it really hurt for a while there!


Gus’s Portrait

Gus is Hurt

Gus asked me to write this post for him. He hurt is paw the other day; he cracked his dew claw off near the base. It is very sore for him, though he tries to hide it. Mom and Dad say he’ll be fine, and that it will get better in a few days. I heard something about a visit to the vet, but I don’t think that’ll be for a few days.Gus is doing much better now, he even jumped on the couch today. He did get picked up the other day while mom and dad looked at his paw, and I’m sorry to say I was just glad it wasn’t me that they were picking up. But I’m glad that Gus is feeling a bit better now, he says his paw isn’t nearly as sore anymore.

Well, it’s getting late, I’m going back under the bed.


Betsy’s Portrait