Betsy Pooped!

Oh you should’ve seen dad and mum when they saw that Betsy had pooped.

Humans are so silly.

Betsy’s glad, though. She says if they have to force-feed her that critical care stuff one more time… well, I don’t want to think about what she’ll do!!



  1. Yea!!! Glad to hear that the pooping has come back.

    That Critical Care stuff is yucky, but it does the job. Hope Betsy will not have to eat that stuff ever again. I had to eat it for a couple weeks. Bleck!

  2. Celebrate the poops!!!! I have never been sure if it was the Critical Care or the delivery method that got the system up and running again…..

  3. WOOT!!! I always feel better after a good poop, so my bun-heart really goes out to Betsy! *binkies and POOPIES!!!* I hope she can start up again on her plans she was passing on to Dad!

  4. We have missed a couple of days and it was frightening to read. Yahoo for Betsy and her poop. Stay with it girlie girl.

    You got a good fellow there in Gus, too. He kept everyone right up to speed on all the news.

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