Doing Better

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing much better. My paw hardly hurts at all now, and my dad tells me that my claw looks clean and is healing nicely. Thank goodness for that; it really hurt for a while there!


Gus’s Portrait


  1. Hi gus and betsy — saw about your blog on the House Rabbits Discussion group — I’m always glad to find another bunny blog! Anywho, this is just a humble request for more photos.

  2. Glad to see you’re doing better. My bunny housemates told me about you and I got our human to post for me.

    I was under the weather myself for a couple months. Mom told me I had something called gastric stasis and she was so afraid I was going to die. I had to stay at this horrible place called a veterinary hospital for a few days where they poked me and pushed a watery hay mush into my mouth. I jumped into Mom’s arms each day she visited me much to her surprise. Even when I got home, I still got stuff shoved into my mouth because I was not eating or pooping enough. Mom and Dad told me they did not appreciate how much my bunnymates and I pooped until I got sick.

    Oops… I almost forgot….my humans wanted me to tell you to ask your human to post more photos up. You are a great looking rabbit. Your friend is cute, too.

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