Oh, the Indignity!

Well, I’m happy to say that I’m no longer being force-fed Critical Care. On Monday morning I ate all of my breakfast and this finally seemed to satisfy dad, so he stopped picking me up twice per day to force-feed me.

Still, just look at what I had to go through!

gus getting fed critical careI’m pretty sure everybun out there will agree with me – this is awful. Is there a bunny version of the Geneva Convention? If there is, it should include a clause forbidding force-feeding like this.

gus is not enjoying this game I just wanted to get away, but dad and mum kept a hold on me. Although they tried many ways to feed me, I squirmed and wriggled and fought as much as I could, to make sure that it was as un-enjoyable for them as it was for me.

And every time they fed me, I had to spend forever trying to clean my chin. NOT FUN.

Anyway, I’m just glad it’s all over now, and I hope I NEVER have to go through all that again!!!


Glad to be Home

I am so glad to be back home and away from the awful vet. You would not believe the things they do to me there. Thanks everyone for being so concerned about me!

Of course, home isn’t quite 100% back to normal either. Dad and mum keep picking me up twice per day to force-feed me more critical care. But don’t worry, I make sure to put up a big fight and spill as much as I can on my chin and the counter. That way, they think they’ve fed me a lot and they give up and let me go. (I’m so smart.)

But yeah, I’m fine, just chillaxin, getting over my ordeal. Yep, nothing out of the ordinary here. It’s not like I really missed Betsy or anything.

gus is totally snuggling PAY NO ATTENTION TO ANY PHOTOS PRODUCED BY DAD – they are obviously faked!!


Gus is Back Home Again

Gus came back home today. Mummy brought him home, and I hear the first thing he did on getting out of his carrier was to foot flick mum & dad and run off to join me in our usual spot in dad’s office. (Some of you may have even seen Gus show up on the bunnycam!)

Dad only gave Gus a little while to say “hi” though, because soon he came and took Gus away and put him in lockdown in our area (complete with a nice, clean litterbox – for poop counting, no doubt). Dad says Gus is eating again – parsley at the moment seems to be what he’s craving – as well as munching on some pellets and even doing a little bit of pooping.

I hear he’s still going to get fed Critical Care though, at least for a few more days.

One thing I did notice was that Gus seems to have lost a lot of weight – dad said he’s down by over a pound (about 1/6 of his total body weight). He looks kind of funny too, with his skin hanging a bit loose now. But I’m sure he’ll fill back out again once he’s back to his regular diet. (Speaking of which, I can’t wait to see the big, yummy dinner dad will probably put out for us tonight!)

In the meantime, I think I might take advantage of the fact that mum and dad are paying a lot of attention to Gus to get some good napping done… and maybe I can even sneak into the bedroom and chew some of mummy’s clothes when she’s preoccupied and not looking at me!

Still, I guess it’s good that Gus is back home. It’s tough when your “partner in crime” isn’t around!


Gus is at the V.E.T.

Looks like Gus got dragged off to the dreaded “V.E.T.” Glad it wasn’t me! I told Gus he should eat something this morning – I even left him half of breakfast! But he didn’t listen.

Then dad came along and scooped him up and carried him away. When dad came back a few hours later, he said Gus was going to be spending the night at the vet, getting fed more critical care, getting subcutaneous fluid injections, pain medicine, and x-rays.

Last I heard, Gus was sitting in the cage at the vet, furiously biting and tearing at the towel he was sitting on. Oh well. I told him!!

Dad says Gus will probably be back tomorrow, or maybe Saturday at the latest… right when it’s supposed to start snowing a bunch out here. Good one, Gus, for making dad and mum have to go pick you up in the middle of a snowstorm!

In the meantime I am enjoying the peace and quiet.

(Ok, maybe I miss having Gus around… just a little!)


Not Feeling 100%

Recently I haven’t been feeling 100%. So yesterday, I skipped breakfast.

This seemed to catch dad’s attention. It wasn’t so bad, I just took the day off to rest up a bit, and dad left me alone (mostly), but last night, after not eating dinner, things got much, much worse.

First, dad and mum picked me up and tried to give me a tummy rub. I tolerated this for a while, but really, who likes being picked up and their tummy touched? (It tickles.)

Then later on dad picked me up again and… (wait for it)… syringe fed me some gloopy stuff he called “critical care.”

Ugh I hate having things stuck in my mouth! The stuff wasn’t so bad (I did eat it), but I really did not want to be fed like this. So after a while I tried my best to wriggle out of dad’s grip, and he finally got the hint.

As a bonus, he cleaned my litterbox for me – score!

Anyway, I still kind of don’t feel like breakfast today, and both he and mum are up kind of early this morning and… wait, did I just hear the word “vet” mentioned?

I think I need to go hide!


Upset Tummy

I had an upset tummy yesterday. It was really uncomfortable.

I just wanted to lie down in my litter box, but the HUMAN looking after me (while mum & dad are away, of course) kept fussing over me. I even had to sit here and listen to her on the phone with mum and dad, telling them that I was not acting right. Well, duh, I had an upset tummy – what do you think I’d be doing?

I guess maybe they were worried because I didn’t want anything to eat – not even a cranberry or cracker – and that I wasn’t moving around much.

They were also worried because it was the weekend and the vet was closed and to top things off, there was a snowstorm outside (something like 18″ of snow I think). But of course, that was my plan all along – to test our temporary bunny slave.

But, actually she did all right. She came over and rubbed my tummy and that actually kind of helped because after that I felt like I could do some poops and then later on I felt like having a bite to eat again. So, I guess she did all right.

Still, it was nice to give mum & dad a little something to worry about while they were away – can’t let them have a good time without me, after all!


Gus's Newer Portrait

I’m Doing Quite Well, Thank You!

Oh my goodness, Betsy wasn’t kidding about that “Critical Care” stuff being awful. Actually the taste wasn’t bad, it was the being held very tightly by dad and having a syringe stuck in my mouth that was awful!!

I tell you, if that’s what not eating gets me, I’ll be eating my breakfast and dinner every day from now on, no matter what!!


Gus's Newer Portrait

Gus Isn’t Feeling Well Today

Gus isn’t feeling too well today… I’m not sure why. He didn’t want any breakfast today, and I hear he even refused a treat from dad!

I think mum and dad are going to give him some of that nasty critical care stuff tonight… ugh I hate being fed that stuff! I ate my breakfast, I’m a good girl!

Maybe Gus will feel better though after having some, or after a good night’s sleep. I’ll let you know.

Betsy's New Portrait

Not About Us

Our Internet-bunny-friend Orlando Bun has had some tummy trouble recently, but we hear he’s doing better now. This is very good! I know I hated it when my tummy was upset – and not just because I didn’t feel well, either. Mum and dad watch Gus and I like scary hawks when we eat to make sure we’re… well, eating. And when we don’t… out comes that nasty critical-care slop. Yuk! And who likes being held down and forced to eat, anyway? Not me!!

Anyway, since I know first hand what it’s like, I just wanted to send Orlando some nose-bumps, and to say I’m relieved to hear he’s doing better (Gus is relieved too).

I guess I could do like an educational commercial for rabbits:

12 servings of Timothy Hay per day are part of a healthy diet. Hay – it’s what’s for dinner!

Hmmm actually I wonder how many times per day I go eat out of the hay bowl… time to start counting!


Stupid Dewclaw

I snapped my dewclaw off. Again. Remind me again why we have these things?

My paw is a bit sore now, too, which sucks. And to make things worse, even though I tried really, really hard to hide it, dad noticed… and picked me up… and looked at my paw. He said he wanted to make sure I was OK, but he just wanted to pick me up, I’m sure. I didn’t like it it! I never like it!

As for my paw, I’m fine – it’s just a little sore, that’s all.

Do any other bunnies have problems with dewclaws? Betsy says hers have never bothered her, but I don’t know if it’s just me or what…