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Our Internet-bunny-friend Orlando Bun has had some tummy trouble recently, but we hear he’s doing better now. This is very good! I know I hated it when my tummy was upset – and not just because I didn’t feel well, either. Mum and dad watch Gus and I like scary hawks when we eat to make sure we’re… well, eating. And when we don’t… out comes that nasty critical-care slop. Yuk! And who likes being held down and forced to eat, anyway? Not me!!

Anyway, since I know first hand what it’s like, I just wanted to send Orlando some nose-bumps, and to say I’m relieved to hear he’s doing better (Gus is relieved too).

I guess I could do like an educational commercial for rabbits:

12 servings of Timothy Hay per day are part of a healthy diet. Hay – it’s what’s for dinner!

Hmmm actually I wonder how many times per day I go eat out of the hay bowl… time to start counting!



  1. Ooohh … great to “hear’ Lando’s voice there!

    Yes, better count Betsy. You don’t want to be saying one thing and then doing another.

    Oh wait … you are a rabbit. Of course you do … bunny logic … duh …

  2. Thank you to let us know… just went and visited Orlando’s blog to leave a note 🙂
    I do eat my hay (but only if I run out of pellets and greens), but Hugo …hmpf! He doesn’t like hay much. He says hay is for the litter!!

  3. Hay is nice in the litter box (for eating), but Betsy and I like to eat a whole bowl of hay every day. It’s just nice & relaxing to much on!

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