Upset Tummy

I had an upset tummy yesterday. It was really uncomfortable.

I just wanted to lie down in my litter box, but the HUMAN looking after me (while mum & dad are away, of course) kept fussing over me. I even had to sit here and listen to her on the phone with mum and dad, telling them that I was not acting right. Well, duh, I had an upset tummy – what do you think I’d be doing?

I guess maybe they were worried because I didn’t want anything to eat – not even a cranberry or cracker – and that I wasn’t moving around much.

They were also worried because it was the weekend and the vet was closed and to top things off, there was a snowstorm outside (something like 18″ of snow I think). But of course, that was my plan all along – to test our temporary bunny slave.

But, actually she did all right. She came over and rubbed my tummy and that actually kind of helped because after that I felt like I could do some poops and then later on I felt like having a bite to eat again. So, I guess she did all right.

Still, it was nice to give mum & dad a little something to worry about while they were away – can’t let them have a good time without me, after all!


Gus's Newer Portrait


  1. Gee, Gus way to go, Mum and dad must have been besides themselves. Sounds like you have a good stand in tough, tummy rubbing can really help!

  2. Shame on you to worry mom and dad like that! I think that tough tummy rubbing is in order. I’ll bet you just missed your mom and dad and were just off your feed a bit. Poor bunny slave also!

  3. Good grief Gus …. you worried the heck out of all of us! Just call – we’ll come! Fresh pineapple juice and metacam. But – sounds like it worked well … whew.

  4. Hi Gus!

    Please tell your humans to buy some Infant’s Mylicon (or generic simethicone) drops! This is infant anti-gas stuff. It works very well when the buns have gas (and Gus, hon, you had some gas!).

    You give them half a dropper-full, and sometimes another one in like 30 minutes if they need it, and rub their tums. You can even mix it in grated carrot (I use a garlic press–a VERY clean one!–to mash a bit of carrot).

    I think it’s an important part of a bunny first aid kit!


  5. That’s a very good idea! We of course keep critical care on hand – and were getting ready to tell our bun-sitter (over the phone) how to feed it to Gus in case he didn’t eat dinner, but thank goodness it didn’t come to that. But the anti-gas stuff might be a good idea to have on hand as well. Thanks again for the tip!

  6. sure! And I have been reassured many times that it is harmless to them. I sometimes give it when I’m just a little concerned to avoid the gas. It’s really been a miracle-worker for me and my buns. The other night my Rosie’s tummy was gurgling REALLY loud (poor thing!) and I was out of mylicon…horrors! So I raced to the 24-hour grocery store and got some. The checkout person looked at me with sympathy and said ‘one of those nights with the baby?” And I said “No! MY BUNNY!” and raced out of there. I didn’t realize how insane that must have sounded until I was home. 🙂

  7. Oh Gus…we’re glad you’re feeling better now, but you know, this can really scare the humans! last month Neville tried this here, and mum brought him straight to the vets. He didn’t like it one bit and he will think twice before trying it again.

  8. I believe there is a special connection between pet and human so it can be easily noticed when our pet is not feeling well. My rabbit Push is an outgoing rabbit and if she doesn’t go out of her Rabbit hutch during day-out there is absolutely something wrong.

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