Gus is at the V.E.T.

Looks like Gus got dragged off to the dreaded “V.E.T.” Glad it wasn’t me! I told Gus he should eat something this morning – I even left him half of breakfast! But he didn’t listen.

Then dad came along and scooped him up and carried him away. When dad came back a few hours later, he said Gus was going to be spending the night at the vet, getting fed more critical care, getting subcutaneous fluid injections, pain medicine, and x-rays.

Last I heard, Gus was sitting in the cage at the vet, furiously biting and tearing at the towel he was sitting on. Oh well. I told him!!

Dad says Gus will probably be back tomorrow, or maybe Saturday at the latest… right when it’s supposed to start snowing a bunch out here. Good one, Gus, for making dad and mum have to go pick you up in the middle of a snowstorm!

In the meantime I am enjoying the peace and quiet.

(Ok, maybe I miss having Gus around… just a little!)



  1. I really hope Gus will be okay! I am worried about him knowing how sensitive rabbits can be. Please post an update as soon as Gus is feeling better and back at home with Betsy.
    Get well soon Gus.

  2. Gus was doing well (or as well as can be expected after being hauled off to the vet) today when I left him in the vet’s care. He has been moving around and acting normally, with the exception of eating (and, presumably, pooping, but it’s hard to tell with 2 bunnies around).

    We will keep everyone posted! I’m sure he’ll start eating again soon once he realizes that the alternative is another night spent at the vet!

    Thank you everyone for your well wishes, I’m sure Gus appreciates them! (As much as it is possible for a bunny to appreciate anything, anyway.)

  3. Oh, he had to stay at the vet!? How sad for Betsy to be all alone tonight. Hurry home Gus!

  4. Hurry up and get better soon, Gus, so you can get home to your Mom and Dad and Betsy! And good luck to everyone else. Sometimes I think it’s harder on us than them when they get sick.

    Keeping all paws crossed for Gus to make a fast recovery.

  5. The fact that Gus is tearing at the towel is a good sign! Hurry home, Gus (good thing he doesn’t have cab money, or he might ring the doorbell and demand to come in).

  6. Gus!!!! eat and poop, you have to come home and help Betsy disapprove of dad, come on dude!!!!

  7. Betsy, Maybe you can visit Gus. I’m sure that will cheer him up. The Bunny Bunch says get better Gus.

  8. The word has spread – Gus needs some good bunny vibes. Come on every-bunny – VIBE! That’s it! Feel it Gus??? Yay. Get well soon.

    Enjoy the freetime Betsy.

  9. Gus is back but he has lost a lot of weight and still needs to be force-fed for a bit longer to make sure he is OK, but I think he’s going to pull through!

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