Ugh – A Yucky Day

Yesterday I didn’t feel too good. I wasn’t really that hungry and… err… well I didn’t like it when mom and dad said I had “poopy butt.” Mom said I’d had too much apple or crackers the past few days – so no more of that for me, and dad said I have to eat more hay.

And to make it worse, they picked me up and cleaned my bottom!

Though… I guess I do feel better now, and it is nice to have less to clean up. I guess they did pretty good (this time).



  1. Poopy Butt.. Poopy Butt … Neener neener ……. oops .. no more bullying.

    Yes – we get it sometime and that hinder-bath is not the best fun thing. Our hearts go out to you Gus.

    But hay and pellets and a few greens is best .. and a treet now and then :<)

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