Betsy’s Back

Dad and Mum and Betsy went off to the vet and they just came back… dad says Betsy’s going to be OK. Betsy says she didn’t like the vet AT ALL. She said they “did things” to her and “poked” her and took her temperature – and that’s all she’ll say on the matter. Dad says she’s going to have to be “fed” something called “critical care” until she starts pooping again.

Dad says he always gets worried about GI Statis whenever we stop eating – he’s so thoughful sometimes. But Betsy did eat a little on the way home, so he says she should be OK. I’m glad to hear that!

Betsy did say that she gave the vet a really good THUMP as she was going back into the carrier – that’ll show her!

I’m just glad I didn’t have to go – although dad is calling me “shaggy butt” again and he keeps looking at the Furminator thing… I think I may have to stay low today. Maybe I’ll hang out with Betsy in a corner… that’ll keep dad away.

Anyway, Betsy says a big rabbit “thank you” to everyone and she’s feeling a bit better now (although not 100% yet).

And now… for a well-deserved nap!



  1. Feel better soon Betsy! Orlando has had stasis once. DKM feed him baby food and some papaya to get the poops moving. We’ll keep checking on you!

  2. Betsy, I hope you feel better soon. I’m still a bit sleepy but ate some breakfast this morning and felt better. Make sure you eat and use your litter box so we don’t worry about you.

  3. Glad you are feeling a little better. One time mom took Tyler to the vet cause he had stopped his voracious consumption of all things and he had to have Critter Care fed to him in an assisting sort of way, boy did he turn around fast. He learned it is way better to eat than to have Critter Care. Sometimes just canned pumpkin can get things moving too. Remember Betsy, poop and eat, poop and eat,……..

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