Awww, Thanks!

Thanks everyone for your tips and best wishes… I am doing fine. As I tried to tell dad, I just wasn’t hungry that one night. I’ve been enjoying the crackers and dandilion greens that dad’s put out for us every day since then.

I think mum & dad just over-react sometimes. Silly humans.



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  2. Mum and dad take us to the vet too often as it is, but it’s OK, we’ve trained them well to keep us healthy.

    Gus is the “activist” bun in this house… you’ll have to talk to him if you want to go on about encouraging people to bring their furry friends to the scary vet more often.

  3. We’re glad you’re eating. Keep it up, Betsy!

    (That Pearl lady seems to be spamming all the bunny blogs! We foiled her because we moderate our comments and hit that old delete key =:-)

  4. We have the same problem with the 2-foots too, Betsy. We just sort of live with it !!

    Pearl IS everywhere, eh? I think we got enough vets nearby as is … they stay busy with cats and dogs!

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