Betsy’s Not Feeling Well

Yesterday Betsy said her tummy wasn’t feeling well and she didn’t want any breakfast. She sort of moped around all day, which got dad all worked up. And when she wasn’t interested in dinner, dad AND mum got worked up. (Not eating is a big deal for us rabbits.)

So dad picked up Betsy (she offered little resistance, which is how I knew she wasn’t feeling top-notch) and he said he heard loud gurgling from her belly, so he and mum gave her a tummy-rub.

Then, they locked Betsy in the “bunny prison” but left me on the outside – whee! Fun! If only Betsy could join me…

This morning Betsy still hasn’t eaten (well, not really, she ate two sprigs of parsley and that’s it) and hasn’t pooped either… and I heard dad mention the “vet” word. Uh-oh.

I’m going to lay outside the “bunny prison” and keep an eye on Betsy – I’ll write more later!


  1. I hope you don’t have gastric stasis. I had that last year. I had to stay in the vet hospital for four days. They poked me every few hours, which really hurt. They said it was to help me. I was really upset there, but the someone called a vet said that I was getting better because I kept on fighting them. Mom came to visit me one day I jumped right into her arms and asked her to take me home. She told me that I had to stay until I was eating and pooping regularly. I did not like that answer.

    Eventually I got to come home. Mom had to put icky stuff down my throat for a couple of weeks. I really did not like her at all then. She also had to clean my bottom every day , which I really hated, because I was making watery poop. She said it was from the icky stuff.

    Pierre, my neighbor went through a bout of not eating a few months later, but he just was not drinking enough water. He just got icky stuff put down his throat for a week. (He also did not like Mom much then.)

    Anyways, my bunny pals here in Michigan hope that you get better soon. It took me a few weeks, but I’m all healthy now. I’m sure you will be too after getting the treatment the vet recommends.

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