The Scary Vet

My dad tricked me yesterday! He offered me treats – my favorite, dried cranberries – but he just ended up sticking the both of us into the nasty car carrier and driving us to the vet! Oh how I hate going there!

I especially don’t like the bit where they stick that thing in my mouth and look at my teeth. And then my dad had the audacity to leave us there! Something about our teeth having “points” or something like that. I don’t really remember much else – I think I fell asleep! But I was not happy with him. When we got home I went straight under the bed in protest, and when Betsy didn’t come, I went out and got her and together we sulked under the bed.

My dad pleaded with us the next day to forgive him, and he apologized (while also reminding us that we only go to the vet once a year), but still… I don’t like the vet!!


Gus’s Portrait


  1. At least you got treats…Mom and Dad just stick us in the carriers and take us down to the vet. I don’t like the thing in my mouth either. The last time I was the vet, I fell asleep, too.

  2. I’m not too fond of the car ride that goes along with the vet visit, either. All that moving around… not fun!

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