Betsy’s Pooping, and I’m Pooped!

Betsy is feeling much better – she says a big bunny “thank you” to everone for their well-wishing. She’s eating normally again and pooping as a bunny should poop.

As for me… I’m pooped!

sleepy gus

Keeping an eye on Betsy during this time was tough work. I had to stay up late with dad (he kept saying up late to watch over Betsy, what a sucker) and of course that’s rough work for a bunny.

So I took a little nap today in dad’s office, and like the crazy human he is, he filmed me.

Dad, you are crazy.



  1. YEA FOR POOPS! Are you dreaming of carrots or maybe basil Gus? Your little mouth is moving like you are dreaming of eating some yum-delish basil leaves…

  2. So relieved Betsy is back on track, or is that tract as in G.I.? You look so peaceful, Gus, with your little mouth twitching while you dream of eating Fiona’s basil. Makes me sleepy, ‘Night…….

  3. sounds like you and your parents took real good care of Betsy. Good for you. i’m glad she’s on the mend. keep watching out for her though till she’s 100% ok? and thank the oxbow people for critical care – it’s great stuffs

  4. Oh dear… we’re so glad Betsy is doing all her currants again! Yay for poops says mum, she always keeps an eye on our litter tray and makes dad laugh when she says “Hugo did a nice pile of currants”. So funny how humans go on and on on bunny output!
    Get well vibes to Betsy and head rubs to Gus…

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