Tag: bad bunny

  • Behind Bars (Again)

    So, I’m in jail… again. Dad’s got me locked up in my area and isn’t letting me out (except for short and closely supervised time in the morning and evening). I’m innocent, though! I was framed! It was, uh, some other bunny who peed on the carpet, not me! What’s that? Mumm said she saw…

  • I Will Have My Revenge

    Part one of Betsy’s roaring rampage of revenge.

  • The Last Laugh

    Betsy doesn’t like being brushed… and she always gets the last laugh when you try to brush her!

  • Snuggled

    Betsy strikes back after being snuggled unwillingly!

  • Letter to my Auntie

    Betsy prefers people who give her more treats and don’t lock her up for misbehaving – what a surprise!

  • We Are Grounded

    Betsy laments being locked up for bad behavior.

  • Betsy’s Been Bad

    Betsy learns what happens to bad bunnies who chew things that they shouldn’t!

  • Too Much Thumping

    The other day dad was getting mad at me for thumping. I was sitting in his office and I was thumping away, even though he kept telling me to stop and he said “why are you thumping Betsy, there’s nothing wrong.” But I kept thumping. Thump thump thump. My thumps in dad’s office sound really…

  • We Are In Trouble

    We… might have chewed a hole in the carpet… and maybe chewed dad’s Internet cable… though obviously not enough to break it… …dad is letting us write this as part of our punishment. He locked us in the “bad bunny box” (i.e., the bathroom) for an hour. He was not happy. We… may have also…

  • Grounded, YET AGAIN

    Oops. After breakfast this morning we… got on the couch again. But dad heard us “plop” on the cusions and came out – he was REALLY mad. He squirted us with water, clapped his hands, said “no!” and then locked us up in our area AGAIN. He said this is a new record for us…