Betsy’s Been Bad

Betsy got into some BIG trouble this weekend.

While mum and dad were out doing the grocery shopping (for us, of course) she got up on the couch (again).

But that’s not the worst of it… she got up there and she CHEWED a BIG HOLE in the couch cushion. (Well, kind of big… anyway, big enough to be noticed.)

Mum and dad were SO mad when they got back and found out.

Dad was especially disappointed. So as punishment he picked Betsy up (she hates that) and… well, these pictures kind of tell the rest of the story.

bad bunny stew

Dad said that this is what happens to bad bunnies.

betsy in a pot

Dad apparently has a dark side when it comes to major bunny damage.

bad bunny in a pot

Betsy was not enjoying this. But I think that was the point.

the bad bunny gets whats coming to her

I could hear her say “get me out of here!”

I tried to tell Betsy it was her own fault, but she wouldn’t listen to me.

After that, dad kept us in lockdown for 3 days. (I was given extra treats to make up for having to be locked up too – one litterbox and all that.)

I can only hope Betsy learned her lesson and will stay away from the couch, and stick with things left on the floor – those kinds of things mum and dad can’t get mad at us for chewing (after all, they are the ones who leave them on the floor, right?)


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7 responses to “Betsy’s Been Bad”

  1. Cadbury Avatar

    Jump, Betsy! Make a run for it!

  2. Shadowydreamer Avatar

    But chewing is a bunny thing, so she’s very good at being a bunny! Poor Betsy, the humans just don’t understand their place in the warren!

    Personally, I have an old blanket or two over my couch so little nibblers can chew holes if they want and the couch doesn’t get damaged.

    Well, except for the GIANT HOLE IN THE SIDE that SOMEBUN chewed, but that’s blocked off by NIC grid now.

  3. Mummy Avatar

    Youre right…chewing is a fun thing — hence the bunny play table … the cottontail cottage….the sisal throws …. the jingly ball throws … the jumbo nature ball … that tube thing thats filled with nuts and hay.

    Not the new(ish) couch.

    Betsy you KNOW BETTER. We have chased you off that couch enough. I cant even look at you Im still so mad.

  4. Orlando Bun Avatar
    Orlando Bun

    …but the couches taste so yummy. You need to find yucky tasting couches.

  5. Hef's Mom Avatar

    Uhoh, did your dad watch Fatal Attraction?

  6. pla725 Avatar

    Don’t feel bad Betsy. My Smitten and Sawyer did the same thing to two cushions. Smitten also put a big hole in the carpet in my apartment and chew the cord on a lamp. No bunny in the pot but they were on lock down for a few days.

  7. Keith Avatar

    I think that maybe… just maybe… Betsy may have learned her lesson just this once… MAYBE. We’ll see…