We Are In Trouble

We… might have chewed a hole in the carpet… and maybe chewed dad’s Internet cable… though obviously not enough to break it…

…dad is letting us write this as part of our punishment. He locked us in the “bad bunny box” (i.e., the bathroom) for an hour. He was not happy.

We… may have also scratched up his arm a bit.

We will probably not be writing for a few days – dad says we are “grounded” until we learn our lesson. Gus is not happy either; he keeps saying he was innocent and that he was “unfairly” punished. But we’re not saying any more than that right now.

Anyway, it’s back to “lockdown” for me.








11 responses to “We Are In Trouble”

  1. Glenna Avatar

    Oh, dear. Whoopsie. We’ve had those things happen here too (five telephone cords, one vacuum cleaner cord, several holes in the master bedroom carpet), and I’ve gotten scratches too from removing the Offenders. We cover most cords with fish tank tubing, so that the important stuff doesn’t get chomped (for some reason I’m always forgetting to put it on the phone cord and I normally lock the vacuum cleaner in another room.) It’s too late for the MBR carpet (only more carpet will fix that, I guess), but we’ve fixed up the bunny room by buying big, inexpensive rubber-backed rugs from Target (they come 8×10 and smaller) over the floor–they’re not as enticing apparently since they don’t have long strands to pull. I’ve also bought a couple of large dog crates which we put end to end after taking off 2 of the doors, for bunny time-out. Now if I could just figure out what to do about all the chewed baseboards and door frames…

  2. bunnygirl Avatar

    Grounded? Does that mean they’re letting you dig outside? A much better choice than the carpet!

  3. The Bunns Avatar

    Well dang. You two were skating on thin ice though. But here might be some advice (you did not hear it from us, right?) …. if you are going to get busted, don’t get busted for peanuts. Maybe try for a waterpipe … hee hee .. that is what happened to that Glenna up there, even after all that work!!! And heck, Pink is still alive and as well as ever!!!!

  4. Keith Avatar

    Our place is extensively bunny-proofed – there are precious few cords exposed, and most of them are up-high, where although they could be chewed, Betsy (the notorious cord-chewer) normally doesn’t like them unless they’re on ground-level (she’s not steady on two feet, you see).

    This latest transgression was just totally out of line for these two – they know better. And I was sitting in the next room when they did it, and I’d been checking on them frequently… VERY NAUGHTY. We’ll see if a few days of being in lockdown teaches them to appreciate the freedom they have a bit more.

  5. Erin Avatar

    I blame the full moon. Buns can’t be blamed for anything they do during a full moon! It brings out the crazies in everybunny!

  6. D.C. Moll Avatar

    Oh dear, they are very smart aren’t they, managing to be destructive under the weathered eye of a keeper……

  7. Hef Avatar

    We need lamps in our new house and today dad goes “The only nice lamp I had you (mom) let the bunny chew up!” I don’t get time outs though!

  8. Rabbits' Guy Avatar

    There is an awful expression …. “P….g up a rope”! Does it sound like Keith is maybe trying that? Outsmarting a rabbit? Bawahahahaha …

  9. Hugo Avatar

    Those scratches look nasty…I did some to Dad (Mr D) when he was picking me up to give me Baytril…

  10. Freckles and Deb Avatar

    Are they out of lockup yet? We’re SURE they have learned their lesson this time!

  11. furrybutts Avatar

    Those are pretty nasty scratches!! Dad sounds really mad.. you buns best be good for the next few days. Once Dad forgets about this recent transgression, then you can get back to your old tricks hee hee