Behind Bars (Again)

betsy's jail face

So, I’m in jail… again. Dad’s got me locked up in my area and isn’t letting me out (except for short and closely supervised time in the morning and evening).

betsy disapproves of everything

I’m innocent, though! I was framed! It was, uh, some other bunny who peed on the carpet, not me!

What’s that? Mumm said she saw me do it? Right in front of her own eyes? Um… maybe she was hallucinating?

betsy behind bars

As you can imagine, being locked up like this is very exhausting. I hope I can get out soon!


betsy face closeup






3 responses to “Behind Bars (Again)”

  1. the bunns Avatar

    Racer is pretty good at escaping … he says a team will be at the back corner of the bars at midnight – ready to spring you.

  2. speedyrabbit Avatar

    Speedy is very good at houdini acts,he’ll be there in a bit,xx Rachel

  3. Jade and Mr. Mick Avatar

    Mr. Mick says he will be happy to represent you pro bunno should you need legal assistance. He has a very good track record in court–only one judge bitten.