Too Much Thumping

The other day dad was getting mad at me for thumping.

I was sitting in his office and I was thumping away, even though he kept telling me to stop and he said “why are you thumping Betsy, there’s nothing wrong.”

But I kept thumping.

Thump thump thump.

My thumps in dad’s office sound really loud because of the floor there. It’s great.

Thump thump thump.

Dad didn’t like this, and it bothered him enough to pick me up (oh the disgrace) and… put me on his chair???

betsy on keith's chair

What is this? Where am I? I’m so confused? And… I can’t thump on this soft stuff!!!

Oh well. I eventually started digging furiously in that blanket and biting it to show my disapproval and then finally dad helped me down (the edge of that chair is squishy and scary!).

I then quickly ran out into my box in the living room and hid. I’d thump at dad again but I don’t want to end up in that chair again!!


Betsy's New Portrait


  1. Daddy picked u up and put u on his chair? Owh, pity u..

    But maybe Dad was on something and ur thumping stopped him from thinking? 😛

    Make sure Dad gets u some good treats and dont forget to forgive Dad okie..? Ur Dad loves u.. we all know 😉

  2. Gosh, Sammy only thumps when the fire alarm goes off in the building. I think that’s happened only twice since we got him. Guess he’s just not so musically inclined!

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