The Last Laugh

Mum and dad decided that since today was such a nice day, they’d dare to pick us up and take us outside and give us a brush-down. They even thought they’d be “nice” and take us out on the grass (in the shade, under a tree, right next to the house where it’s safe).

Gus went first, and like always he played the part of the “good bun.”

gus and keith - a perfect picture of a bunny and his daddy

Ugh. Just look at him, acting like it’s not so bad. But I know better… I saw his legs shaking when he came back in. He tries to play it like he’s a rough, tough bunny that’s not scared of anything, but I know he was scared and didn’t like it either!

Next was my turn, and I didn’t want to go. I thumped and ran around when dad came to pick me up, but he and mom were playing together and managed to corner me quickly.

Then they took me outside, and not only did the brush me, but they trimmed my matted fur on my underside. How dare they! All around it was a horribly degrading experience.

But… I got the last laugh this time. In contrast to Gus playing the “good bun,” I always play the part of the “bad bun.” So, dad was trying to calm me down so he could keep brushing me, and I was sitting in his lap. I did not want to be out here anymore.

So I peed on him.

Dad quickly moved away from me and said (in a sort of surprised and confused voice) something about a warm feeling against his leg, and he very soon realized what I had done. I was then quickly brought back inside and left alone for the rest of the day. Mission accomplished.

Take that, dad!! That’ll teach you!!







10 responses to “The Last Laugh”

  1. Keithius Avatar

    Touché, Betsy, touché.

  2. Glenna Avatar

    I guess he pissed you off?

  3. jerry kolbe Avatar

    aww poor scared widdle bunny

  4. Freckles & Deb Avatar

    Ha Ha Ha — You’re the bun, Betsy!

  5. Crafty Green poet Avatar

    Oh betsy, that’s a little bit naughty you know…

  6. The Bunns Avatar

    Gus is a wimp! Gus is a wimp! ……….

  7. Nicole Avatar

    Ah yes, the anger pee (so much worse than the anger poo). Well done Betsy for your efficient communication skills.

  8. Michelle (shell) May Avatar

    I can’t leave a comment…I’m too busy laughing at The Bunns comment and Nicole’s!!!

  9. The Bunns Avatar

    We hope Michelle doesn’t – well – you know – from laughing so hard!

  10. Ju Avatar

    Wow, Betsy you are one bun with an attitude, lol 🙂