The Importance of Good Grooming

Grooming is very important – especially if you’re a bunny.

gus doing some grooming

You need to groom all the way down your sides.

gus washing his foot

And don’t forget to groom the bottom of your feet!

gus napping under the dining room table

Of course, after doing all that grooming it is perfectly acceptable to take a nap. Grooming is hard work, after all!


gus portrait

Not the BunnyCam – Just a Regular Camera

Dad’s a big dope. He forgot to turn on the bunnycam today. Not that I would notice, since lately I’ve been spending my days out in our area, instead of in dad’s office (I need a break from Gus constantly trying to get me to groom him). But Gus told me about it. So, if you were looking forward to watching the bunnycam and watching Gus sleep all day long, blame dad. It’s all his fault.

Then, at the end of the day, he came out and cleaned my area – and I was not happy! I worked really hard to mess it up just the way I like it! How dare he clean it all up!

Just to show dad how mad I was, I didn’t even leave the area as he cleaned. I stayed there – even when he ran the loud vacuum cleaner. I think he knows I wasn’t happy, because he finished quickly and put out a big bowl of nice, fresh hay. (I waited until he wasn’t looking to come over and eat it, of course – can’t have him thinking that I appreciate what he did!)

Then dad came out and took some pictures – but he took them from the same spot he normally sits to give us treats. So, naturally, I came up for a look.

betsy is suspicious of the cameraDo you have any treats, dad?

betsy wants to know if there are any treats forthcomingPlease tell me you’ve got some treats there.

betsy doesn't think there are any treatsBut dad tricked me. He had no treats – just his silly beeping camera.

one last check for treatsI am not amused, dad.

betsy keeps a close eye out in case she missed some treatsI was not happy. Not happy at all.

betsy sits down disappointed there are no treatsTricking me like that is not very nice.

the look of disapproval from betsyHow could you trick me like that?

betsy says how could you not give me treatsI told dad I was not happy with him. Then I decided the best way to teach him a lesson was to ignore him.

betsy doing some grooming

Ignore him and spend some time grooming myself, of course.

betsy does not appreciate the flashBut then dad fired that silly flash thing on his camera. I don’t appreciate the flash in my eyes, dad!!

gus does not appreciate the flash eitherGus doesn’t like the flash either, dad. Why don’t you turn it off?

more betsy groomingThat’s better. Now stay there while I ignore you.

ultimate disapprovalThen, to finish things off, I flopped down and gave him my most intense stare of disapproval.

He left just after that. I think he learned his lesson.


The Last Laugh

Mum and dad decided that since today was such a nice day, they’d dare to pick us up and take us outside and give us a brush-down. They even thought they’d be “nice” and take us out on the grass (in the shade, under a tree, right next to the house where it’s safe).

Gus went first, and like always he played the part of the “good bun.”

gus and keith - a perfect picture of a bunny and his daddy

Ugh. Just look at him, acting like it’s not so bad. But I know better… I saw his legs shaking when he came back in. He tries to play it like he’s a rough, tough bunny that’s not scared of anything, but I know he was scared and didn’t like it either!

Next was my turn, and I didn’t want to go. I thumped and ran around when dad came to pick me up, but he and mom were playing together and managed to corner me quickly.

Then they took me outside, and not only did the brush me, but they trimmed my matted fur on my underside. How dare they! All around it was a horribly degrading experience.

But… I got the last laugh this time. In contrast to Gus playing the “good bun,” I always play the part of the “bad bun.” So, dad was trying to calm me down so he could keep brushing me, and I was sitting in his lap. I did not want to be out here anymore.

So I peed on him.

Dad quickly moved away from me and said (in a sort of surprised and confused voice) something about a warm feeling against his leg, and he very soon realized what I had done. I was then quickly brought back inside and left alone for the rest of the day. Mission accomplished.

Take that, dad!! That’ll teach you!!


A Bunny Spa Day

Last weekend, dad took us to a “Bunny Spa Day” thing at a nearby pet store.

We got the full treatment – a “bunny massage,” fur brushing, nail clipping… the works.

Of course, it’s all fun and games until someone says “anal scent gland cleaning.” I’m just going to leave it at that.

gus getting a bunny massage

Normally I don’t like people touching me for any reason (I make rare exceptions for when treats are being given out).

gus is just prenting to enjoy this - honestly!

Dad will say he thinks I enjoyed it. But that is ALL LIES.

That is clearly concentrated disapproval.

betsy gets a bunny massage

Um, Betsy, you’re not helping. Don’t let them know you’re enjoying it!

betsy being massaged

Oh dear.

Well, don’t forget what else they’re going to do to you.

betsy is about to get her nails clipped

Yep, the dreaded toenail clipping. I warned you, Betsy!

gus takes a break in a spare litterbox

And what’s up with the litterboxes at this place? Way too small if you ask me.

betsy decompresses in the litterbox

Betsy said the grooming was a bit rough and the stylist didn’t know what to do with her fur.

betsy attends to business

So she had to fix it herself.

gus relaxes for a moment before the car ride home

I was just glad to have a moment’s rest – it was very busy. I did get to sniff a few other bunnies on the way out, but the space was soooo small… there wasn’t much room. Of course, it was raining out that day, so maybe that’s why it was inside.

Dad says that the profits from the bunny spa day go to help local rabbit rescue and shelters… so I won’t say it was a total loss. But I’m not doing another one of those things for a loooong while. You hear me, dad?


Gus's Newer Portrait

Shedding Season

I guess it should come as no surprise to anyone that since it’s getting on towards summertime now, Betsy and I have been shedding a bit.

The downside to this (and the reason why Betsy and I try to hide our shedding for as long as we can) is that dad notices us looking a little “scruffy” and … picks us up and brushes us!

gus after being brushed

Oh the HORROR!

gus and his pile of brushed fur

Oh the INDIGNITY! Oh, wait, it’s all over for me now. I guess I wasn’t shedding too bad, but then again dad DID brush me last week as well.

Betsy, on the other hand, did not get off so lucky.

betsy after being brushed

Betsy is really good at hiding her shedding, so when it starts to show, you know it’s going to be pretty bad. But honestly even I was amazed at how much fur dad brushed off of her!

betsy and her pile of fur

Dad’s cruel instruments of torture grooming can be seen clearly in these pictures.

betsy and her pile of fur from above

Dad said you could almost make a whole other bunny with the fur he brushed off of Betsy. I’m not so sure though; we bunnies have LOTS of fur!!

betsy would like to go back inside now

Betsy hates brushing time as much as anyone, but then again, Betsy tends to hate everything. Dad sometimes calls her an “emo bunny” because of the dark marks around her eyes (and the way she disapproves of everything – she’s a disaproval MASTER).

But in this picture, I think Betsy just wants to go back inside. All that brushing is rough going for such pampered bunnies as us!!

In the end of course, I got a papaya tablet from dad (which I didn’t eat until he was out of sight, of course – can’t let him think I appreciate the treat after such treatment) and Betsy got a cracker from mum (mum never picks us up, she’s so good). So it wasn’t a total loss… I guess.

I wonder how other buns are doing with this weather – is it making you shed, too? And if so, how do you hide it?


Gus's Newer Portrait

Post-Brushing Depression

Post-brushing depression: “I has it.”

gus has post-brushing depression

Both Betsy and I got brushed today. It was a nice day out, but we don’t like being brushed!

While I will admit that we’ve both been shedding (you might even say “molting”) quite a bit lately, that’s no excuse for dad to come and pick us up! And… the brushing took soooooo long!

But we’ll have our revenge – our fur aggrivates dad’s allergies really badly when he brushes us, so we know that he suffers just as much as we do!


Gus's Newer Portrait

Simple Needs

two buns, one litter box

Dad didn’t understand why we were both in the litter box at the same time. Dad just doesn’t understand me sometimes – I’m not a complicated bunny. I have simple needs.

Like being groomed.

groom me

Groom me. Now.

I will admit, this approach doesn’t always work. (It didn’t this time either; but I got the litter box to myself after that, so it was still a win for me!)


Brushed Again

Dad grabbed me (and Betsy) today and brushed us and clipped our nails.

Not fun!

But, he did give me some crackers afterwards, so it wasn’t too bad.


Major Brushing

Dad grabbed both Betsy and me last night and gave us a big long brush.

betsy's fur - and gus, too

All of that fur came off of Betsy? Don’t brush me dad, there’ll be nothing left of me!!

gus and the fur pile

Dad used both the regular brush (you can see it behind my ears) and the Furminator.

that's a lotta fur

That is a LOT of fur! (The ear drops are for Betsy – she hates them, but the vet said she needed them cuz she’s got just a little bit of stuff in her ears – not much, but a little – better safe than sorry and all that).

On a good note, dad did give me a treat when he brought me back inside. He’s been doing that every time he picks me up. I guess… I guess it’s not so bad. But I won’t tell dad that!