Major Brushing

Dad grabbed both Betsy and me last night and gave us a big long brush.

betsy's fur - and gus, too

All of that fur came off of Betsy? Don’t brush me dad, there’ll be nothing left of me!!

gus and the fur pile

Dad used both the regular brush (you can see it behind my ears) and the Furminator.

that's a lotta fur

That is a LOT of fur! (The ear drops are for Betsy – she hates them, but the vet said she needed them cuz she’s got just a little bit of stuff in her ears – not much, but a little – better safe than sorry and all that).

On a good note, dad did give me a treat when he brought me back inside. He’s been doing that every time he picks me up. I guess… I guess it’s not so bad. But I won’t tell dad that!



  1. That’s a whole lotta fur, Gus, but you do look very sleek and stylish. Tyler and Sydney got their nail clipped last night, they were pretty good but too angry to eat a treat after, they just wanted flick their freshly trimmed feet at me. What does you Dad give for treats?

  2. Gus, you seem genuinely shocked about the massive quantity of fur that was shed! Hey, you ought to form a new bun out of it – that’d freak out the pesky humans. At least you got a treat for it!

  3. Gus, you need to know that there’s a woman who takes pet fur, makes it into yarn and knits things with it. For a fee, anyone can send pet fur to her and get back mittens, a scarf, or whatever. I’m telling you this so you’ll know to be suspicious if your humans suddenly have new Betsy-colored hats!

  4. Mom has been brushing me several times a day because she says I am shedding like crazy. I think she’s just crazy! I hope your humans don’t tell her about that Furnimator contraption.

  5. Dad gives me a papaya tablet as a treat for behaving while being brushed. At first I didn’t eat them because I hate being picked up. But now… I take them, but don’t look like I’m enjoying it.

  6. That’s a lotta fur!! How’d you keep it all nicely in a pile like that? I tried.. wanted to take a pic for the blog.. but even with the fan off, the fur was still flying, lol! Those things have a mind of their own!

  7. Gus. Hopefully by now you know that most of us bunns do pretty much like to sit in our peoples’ laps and snuggle down and get petted and scratched and talked to. Usually there is a treat after that too.

    That way the people seem to be in better spirits and it is pretty peaceful for us too. They seem to think bunnies owe them some snuggling .. or else that we just look so dang lovable.

    We think you and Betsy need to play along more!!!!

    Or not … whatever …

  8. poor Betsy has that deer in the headlights look! i used to joke when i brushed archi that i could make a whole nother bunny outta the fur!

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