Simple Needs

two buns, one litter box

Dad didn’t understand why we were both in the litter box at the same time. Dad just doesn’t understand me sometimes – I’m not a complicated bunny. I have simple needs.

Like being groomed.

groom me

Groom me. Now.

I will admit, this approach doesn’t always work. (It didn’t this time either; but I got the litter box to myself after that, so it was still a win for me!)



  1. Hey Gus, I think you should train your bunnygirl better…see, when I ask for grooms, Miss Eve will give them to me. No questions. Sometimes I do a little bit of grooming too, on her ears, so that she is happy. Just a little bit. Once or twice a day. Go, try it out!

  2. I’ve tried that – it doesn’t always work with Betsy. I’ll groom around her eyes (just a little bit)… but she still sometimes won’t groom me.

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