The Importance of Good Grooming

Grooming is very important – especially if you’re a bunny.

gus doing some grooming

You need to groom all the way down your sides.

gus washing his foot

And don’t forget to groom the bottom of your feet!

gus napping under the dining room table

Of course, after doing all that grooming it is perfectly acceptable to take a nap. Grooming is hard work, after all!


gus portrait






6 responses to “The Importance of Good Grooming”

  1. Keithius Avatar

    I think you’re still looking a little fuzzy there, Gus… maybe time for some help with your grooming? Like, say… a brushing?

  2. brandi Avatar

    Uh oh. First a brushing, the next thing you know, it turns into a plucking…

  3. speedyrabbit Avatar

    you’re so right Gus,xx Speedy

  4. bunns Avatar

    Keep at it Gus – doing good. You don’t want the alternative …. and we don’t want to have to hear about it.

  5. Aiko & Raion Avatar

    You better keep grooming Gus! Or else your humans will try to brush you, which always turns into nail clipping and ear checking! Groom for your life Gus!

  6. Jade (and Mickey) Avatar

    Mr. Mick says grooming is very important, a bun has to look good and feel good. He just wishes his foo’ human wouldn’t keep trying to help with the process.