Grounded, Again

Dad caught us both on the couch today. We’re not supposed to be up there. He squirted us with water and then we were grounded for the rest of the day.

grounded gus

I tried sulking, but dad didn’t react.

Maybe… I shouldn’t get on the couch? At least, not when dad’s around!


On The Couch

Dad caught me on the couch today, dragging my front paws on the cushions. He wasn’t happy.

He squirted me with water. I didn’t like that. He said if I am caught up there again that I’ll be put in the “bad bunny box.”

I wonder what he means by that?

Maybe I should re-think my recreational strategy.


We’re Out!

Mummy let us out this morning – finally! I was getting SO BORED being cooped up in that area. Betsy and I did a bunch of binkies!

Still, we didn’t get our morning treats – so I guess mum hasn’t totally forgiven us yet. Dad says we’re on “probation.” So we’ve got to watch ourselves.

Dad also said that when he goes out to the carpet store today, we might be put back under lockdown, because he said he can’t trust us anymore.


I guess I’d better make an effort to soften them up by looking extra cute… maybe I’ll jump up on the couch and say “hi” to mummy? She’ll like that, right?



Gus and I are in “lockdown” a.k.a. “bunny prison” because we chewed something we weren’t supposed to. We kind of made a big hole… dad was not impressed. Mummy is really dissapointed with us.

Dad says we’re in lockdown “until we’ve learned our lesson,” so if you don’t hear from us for a while, that’s why.


I Want to be a “Rock Bun”

I want to be a rock bun. No, not that kind of rock bun – I mean a “rock and roll bunny!”

Yesterday I was practicing by thumping on the floor in dad’s office. He wasn’t being very supportive – he kept telling me to be quite and stop thumping. So I thumped some more!

Eventually he came and chased me around the house a bit and then picked me up and put me on his lap while he worked. I did NOT like that. His lap is all lumpy and not comfortable or safe-feeling AT ALL.

Finally he let me down. I guess I will have to practice my thumping at night!


Gus… that’s MY job!

The other night, mum and dad had some strange people over. They left us alone, but while they were here, the bunny jail was removed!

Unfortunately, after they left dad put it right back up. Gus was not happy about this. He thinks he’s been unfairly imprisoned.

The next morning, he took out his anger on our bunny temple.

Wait a minute, Gus – destroying things is supposed to be MY job!

Dad later said that Gus has “big, sharp, nasty pointy teeth” while doing a weird thing with his hand.

They’re both weird… like dad, like bun, I guess!


No Treats = Bunny Abuse

This weekend, we escaped (again). Dad wasn’t very happy, so he didn’t give us treats.

I submit that depriving rabbits of their rightful morning treats is tantamount to “bunny abuse.”

Unfortunately, every time we escape, dad finds a way to stop us from getting out that way again. Eventually we’re going to run out of tricks!

Also: I found a way under the bed this weekend when no one was looking – all by myself! And mum and dad thought I was still in the office, so they even closed the door and left me in there! It was great!

Well, it was great until dad realized where I was… and then realized that I’d… um… chewed his phone cord… again…

I had to spend a while sitting alone in the dark of the bathroom for that one. It wasn’t fun. So that’s why when this morning Betsy said she’d found a way behind the couch, I declined to go with her – and a good thing, too. Mummy was NOT happy when she found Betsy behind the couch!

When I put it like that, it seems like we had a very eventful weekend, even though it didn’t feel like it. Dad’s computer thing was “under construction” all weekend, so that’s why we didn’t write.

Well, I’m going to go stretch my legs in the living room for a bit. Later!


Busted, Yet Again!!!

It took us a while, but we broke out again last night. Unfortunately, dad once again woke up and found us. I don’t know how he does it, we’re so quiet! I think he has a 6th sense for mischievous rabbits.

Also, I don’t think dad was very happy at being woken up so early… he gave us quite a chase!

So today we’re going to hang out in his office and see if we can convince him that we don’t need to be locked up at night anymore. (I heard him say something about “reinforcing the door,” in regards to our jail, and I don’t like the sound of that!)


Busted, Again

So… we broke out again last night. Betsy helped by digging at the bottom of the jail, and I pulled really hard on the “door” until it broke loose.

Unfortunately, dad heard us break out and came and shooed us back in. But we were determined!

Later that night, after we were sure dad was asleep (he’s a light sleeper, like us really) we broke out again. It was harder this time – dad had tried to secure the door, but we prevailed! Into the bedroom we went! Oh it was fun to be free.

At least, until dad woke up.

He was very tired and very grumpy, so he just chased us out of the bedroom. But when he got up later, at his normal time, he locked us in the jail again – no fair, dad! It’s daytime, we’re supposed to be let out now!

I gave him the “look of death” but even that didn’t work. So Betsy tried the “cute eyes,” but that didn’t work either.

I guess we’re stuck in here until dad lets us out, or we can escape again.



So, the “being cute” thing wasn’t working – dad was still locking us up at night. Drat! We must’ve done something really bad this time.

But last night, Betsy and I made an escape attempt – and it worked! We wiggled past the edge of the bunny barrier and roamed free while mum & dad were sleeping. Better still, they had left the bedroom door open, thinking we were safely locked away. So we got into the bedroom! And best of all, they’d taken the protective barrier around the bed apart to make the bunny barrier, so we could get under the bed!!!

Unfortunately, dad heard us after a while and woke up and chased us out of the bedroom. Drat!

Then, he went back to sleep and didn’t get up until late. Betsy and I were sooooooo hungry! I mean, was that really necessary dad?

Later in the day, I popped out to use my litter box, and found that dad had re-built the bunny barrier – he now called it the “bunny gulag.”

bunny prison

Uh-oh, this isn’t looking so good.

bunny prison 2

bunny prison 2 - door closed

Oh dear, a door and everything!

We may need to re-evaluate our behavior.