Gus and I are in “lockdown” a.k.a. “bunny prison” because we chewed something we weren’t supposed to. We kind of made a big hole… dad was not impressed. Mummy is really dissapointed with us.

Dad says we’re in lockdown “until we’ve learned our lesson,” so if you don’t hear from us for a while, that’s why.



  1. Oh, oh! What did you guys chew? It musta been really bad. This doesn’t look good. You could be in there for a good long time until you’ve “learned your lesson.” Who ever does that? It’s certainly not something a bunny ever accomplishes! Guess you’ll have to wear your dad down by looking really sad! Good luck!

  2. Betsy, what did you chew? Tyler pulled one of Boyfriend’s records off the shelf and chewed it a lot, Boyfriend doesn’t know yet (I guess I’m an accomplice in the crime)….I think you’d better write WE WILL NOT CHEW ON THINGS NOT MEANT TO BE CHEWED one hundred times on the board……

  3. Good advice from everybody we guess. Dang …. well, if it goes on too long we’ll just send over a group to spring you guys. Are you eating well? Can you receive mail and gifts?

    MAybe we should call the aspcr group?

    Maybe we should just be quiet!!!!

  4. I find it amusing that everyone assumes it was Betsy (the “destructo-bun”) who did the chewing… but surprisingly, I think this time it was Gus who did the chewing. But you can never be sure, so they’re both in lockdown.

  5. Ohhh, but what did they chew? Pink chewed the water supply tube into the master bath toilet and flooded the house, so we are familiar with chewing and consquences.

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