No Treats = Bunny Abuse

This weekend, we escaped (again). Dad wasn’t very happy, so he didn’t give us treats.

I submit that depriving rabbits of their rightful morning treats is tantamount to “bunny abuse.”

Unfortunately, every time we escape, dad finds a way to stop us from getting out that way again. Eventually we’re going to run out of tricks!

Also: I found a way under the bed this weekend when no one was looking – all by myself! And mum and dad thought I was still in the office, so they even closed the door and left me in there! It was great!

Well, it was great until dad realized where I was… and then realized that I’d… um… chewed his phone cord… again…

I had to spend a while sitting alone in the dark of the bathroom for that one. It wasn’t fun. So that’s why when this morning Betsy said she’d found a way behind the couch, I declined to go with her – and a good thing, too. Mummy was NOT happy when she found Betsy behind the couch!

When I put it like that, it seems like we had a very eventful weekend, even though it didn’t feel like it. Dad’s computer thing was “under construction” all weekend, so that’s why we didn’t write.

Well, I’m going to go stretch my legs in the living room for a bit. Later!



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