I Will Have My Revenge

Thank you everyone for wishing me well. I am (mostly) feeling better now, although I am still furious about the way I’ve been treated.

betsy (and gus) under the big round chair (closeup) Fortunately, I have already started on my plan for revenge.

For starters, I have taken some big chomps out of some of mum’s favorite (and most expensive) shoes. That’ll teach her to participate in bunny torture (a.k.a., critical care syringe feeding)!!

This revenge is particularly effective because I haven’t touched any of mum’s shoes in years, so she wasn’t expecting it. Kind of like how I wasn’t expecting being taken to the vet and put under anesthesia to have something cut out of the side of my face! Or how I wasn’t expecting to be force fed critical care 3 times a day for over a week!

My revenge on dad will be a little bit more difficult – he is very careful about keeping his things out of our reach. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but here are some things I might do:

  • Some of dad’s DVDs are just barely reachable if I stand on my hind legs – I’m sure he’d love it if I pulled a few down and chomped on them.
  • Dad gets really excited when I go to the bedroom door and scratch against it.
  • Although he is very good at bunny-proofing cords, I’m sure I can find a way to get access to at least one power cord or other type of cable that he didn’t sufficiently bunny-proof.
  • The pillows and cushions on the couch are a ripe target, and I haven’t been up there for a while. Dad can’t protect them either, because then he wouldn’t be able to sit there!
  • When dad picks me up (which he is still doing every other day, to give me subcutaneous antibiotic injections), I could squirm and kick – I used to do this long, long, long ago, when I first came to live with mum and dad, and my back claws left some very nice scratches on dad’s arms.

Those are just some ideas, and I’m still thinking of the best way to enact my revenge on dad. One thing you can be sure of though – it’ll come when he least expects it!

I will have my revenge!!



Betsy’s New Toy

You might remember that hay/straw tube-thing that dad got me a while back, right?

betsy's performance art 2 You might also have noticed that it’s not very big, and once I started to chew it, it came all apart.  You can imagine how I felt about that.

Well, my mum bought me a bigger & better version – but it came with its own problem; namely, that it only has a hole at one end!

Well, don’t worry, I can fix that.

betsy with her head in a straw-hay thing Hmmm, it’s a tight squeeze, but it is big enough in here that I can get some good digging done.

betsy with her head in the hay ball thing It’ll take me a little while, but I’m sure I can open up a hole on the other side!

betsy thinks there is nothing wrong with what she was doing What’re you looking at, dad? Can’t you see I’m busy here? Sheesh.

Another good thing about this toy is that not only can I dig and scratch at the inside, but it makes a huge mess! I know dad will love that.

This is just another example of why I like mum more than dad.



Structurally Compromised

Dad says I have structurally compromised our Cottontail Cottage:

the cottontail cottage after a severe bunquake

betsy sees no problem with this

I don’t know what he’s talking about. CLEARLY this was the result of a severe bunquake; probably a 8.2 on the destructo-scale if you ask me.

Interestingly, now that our Cottontail Cottage has toppled over, it’s even more fun! For example, now I can hide inside and eat hay at the same time.

betsy behind the door

Nice! (Can you see me through the door?)

betsy pokes her head out

It’s still fun to poke my head out and see what’s going on. Oh, and by the way, dad gave me that hay-tube-thing the other day, saying that I needed something to “take my destructive tendencies out on.” Yeah, I don’t get what he’s talking about either.

betsy peeks around from behind the toppled cottontail cottage

The back side of the cottage is quite a mess – so much so that I wouldn’t allow dad back there to take photos (too dangerous).

Dad thinks the house is a total loss; I think it can still be salvaged. (At least, until we lose another wall!)

What do you think? Should we try to save the cottage, or just tear it down and get a new one?


Time to Wake Up Mum & Dad

This morning mum & dad were sleeping, while I wanted to get out of my area and play.

So I hopped on top of my box house and started making as much noise as I could.

Sure enough, it woke up dad and he came out to see what was going on.

time for a new house

“Oh good, now that I have your attention, feed me. Oh, and maybe it’s time for a new cardboard box.”


Demolition Work Complete

Over the past week Gus and I have been very busy doing some “demolition” work on that “bunny condo” that dad gave us. It’s been tough work, let me tell you – but the results have been worth it.

demolition complete

Just look at that glorious destruction. It took us a while, but we totally took out the entire right-hand side wall, along with the main interior load-bearing wall.

demolished bunny condo

Beautiful, isn’t it? A great job of demolition if I do say so myself.

Of course, dad didn’t appreciate it – he said we’ve had our new house for just 2 weeks and we’ve already destroyed it – well of course, dad, what did you expect?

Of course, dad did make one good point – in destroying the walls, I also kind of destroyed the walls. Leaving me kind of stuck inside.

betsy peeks out from inside the rubble


(Fortunately the wall on the other side was still open enough that I could get out.)

I’m very proud of my work, but dad just doesn’t understand. Well, whatever. Just bring me a new house to destroy and I might leave your couch alone!


Betsy's New Portrait

Helping Betsy

Although Betsy is the de-facto “destructo-bun” around here, sometimes even I like to get in on the destruction action.

Yesterday I was helping Betsy do some work on the bigger of the two boxes dad added to our area. But then dad had to come along and spoil it by peeking in on me. It’s hard to work when someone’s watching, you know!

gus playing peek-a-boo

“I know the sound of that beep…”

Of course dad couln’t resist taking pictures of me, too. Ugh, dad, what is this, a performance review? C’mon.

peek-a-boo gus

“C’mon, dad, go away! It’s creepy working with you standing over me like that!”

Eventually I stared dad down and he left me in peace, but I wasn’t in the mood to chew anymore, which was a bummer. Betsy picked up where I left off, though.

Maybe I need to work on chewing quieter so dad doesn’t hear and come out to investigate. He’s so nosy!


Gus's Newer Portrait