Demolition Work Complete

Over the past week Gus and I have been very busy doing some “demolition” work on that “bunny condo” that dad gave us. It’s been tough work, let me tell you – but the results have been worth it.

demolition complete

Just look at that glorious destruction. It took us a while, but we totally took out the entire right-hand side wall, along with the main interior load-bearing wall.

demolished bunny condo

Beautiful, isn’t it? A great job of demolition if I do say so myself.

Of course, dad didn’t appreciate it – he said we’ve had our new house for just 2 weeks and we’ve already destroyed it – well of course, dad, what did you expect?

Of course, dad did make one good point – in destroying the walls, I also kind of destroyed the walls. Leaving me kind of stuck inside.

betsy peeks out from inside the rubble


(Fortunately the wall on the other side was still open enough that I could get out.)

I’m very proud of my work, but dad just doesn’t understand. Well, whatever. Just bring me a new house to destroy and I might leave your couch alone!


Betsy's New Portrait


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