My Remodelling

I’ve been hard at work doing some renovations to the bunny condo dad made for us. It needed some upgrades, Betsy style.

betsy's new back door

For starters, dad forgot to add a back door! Fortunately I was able to take care of this obvious shortcoming in short order.

more of betsy's handiwork

I didn’t really like that ramp to the 2nd floor, so I tore it down. Also, the floor was too smooth, so I roughed it up a bit.

cardboard shavings

I also widended the door leading from what dad called the “garage” into the main house. Dad says I need to learn to clean up after my work, but I say… that’s what your job is, dad!

My work here is done… for now!


Betsy's New Portrait

Organic Paper Shredding

The other day dad caught me pulling down paper from one of his lower-to-the-ground side tables in his office. But instead of getting mad at me, he just took the paper away and gave me different paper to rip up. Thanks, dad!

bunnies - the organic paper shredders

Ripping up paper is such fun. (Gus helped, too.)

When dad came back and saw the work we’d done, he called us his little “organic paper shredders.” He even said maybe we could make a living out of selling our services as “organic” paper shredders.

Uh, no thanks dad – you’re the one who has to “work.” We don’t call you “bunny slave” for no reason, y’know. But nice try there, trying to make us earn our keep!

We don’t mind helping you out from time to time with your shredding needs, but this isn’t our day job!

my little organic paper shredders

I don’t think dad’s idea would have worked, anyway. We may be “organic” but we’re not terribly fast. I guess that’s what happens when you enjoy what you are doing too much – you don’t rush it! And ripping paper… mmmm… so much fun!

Speaking of which… dad I think it’s time to give me some more paper to rip up!!


Betsy's New Portrait

Under Construction

Gus and I have been doing some “renovations” on our Cottontail Cottage.


For some reason, dad is not impressed. He keeps going on about it not being “structurally sound” or some thing like that.

The best part is, if dad sleeps in on the weekend we just get to work and the noise wakes him right up!



Betsy and I have been hard at work with some… “renovations” to our new house. Specifically, we wanted more room:

two-bun garage

So, we knocked down a few walls and created what dad calls a “two-bun garage.”

two-bun garage (closeup)

I thought we did a pretty good job, too. But then Betsy was pushing the house around today and it nearly fell over on me!!

Dad said it wasn’t quite “structurally sound” anymore. So he shooed us away for a bit, and when we came back, this is what we saw:

bunny condos

So, instead of “Rabbit Townhouse with Two-Bun Garage,” we’ve now got a side-by-side ranch-style Bunny Condo!

Obviously, we had to explore this new configuration.

gus pokes his head up through the hole

“Oh, hi dad.”

betsy pokes her head up through the hole

Betsy checked things out in the other direction for me.

The new configuration seems pretty nice to me – although Betsy was somewhat dissapointed that she no longer had a 2nd floor to “escape” to.

Still, I think this new layout will work well for us… until we get the urge to “remodel” again!


Our New Castle Thing

I’m not sure if I like this new castle/maze thing dad put in our space. It’s a little too cramped. Don’t people realize we’re big buns? I’m no mini-lop, after all!

But, it’s OK… I’ve already chewed away the base of one of the internal “doors” so that I can stretch out when I lay down inside. I’m working on some of the external doors.

Last night, dad came out and told me to be quiet, though… something about the loud chomping of cardboard at 1am that didn’t sit well with him. Well, I was getting tired anyway, so I stopped a little bit after that.

The holes are bit smaller than I’d like as well – it’s hard to get up onto the second level. I’ll have to do some “remodeling” there as well.

So much work to do!


Big, Sharp, Pointy Teeth

I was hard at work this morning. Dad said that maybe I have “anger issues.”

I don’t know what he’s talking about. It’s just normal bunny behavior!

Dad always used to joke about me and my “big, sharp, pointy teeth.” I guess I showed him! Or… maybe I showed him too much?

It’s OK dad, I won’t bite you… as long as you give me a treat!



The other day, Gus and I got up on the couch. Dad found us a few minutes later. He wasn’t very happy.

remote damage 1

I don’t know why… but… the remote buttons look soooooo tasty!

remote damage 2

I just couldn’t help myself! They’re chewy – like “rabbit bubblegum!”

remote damage 3

Dad was not happy. Nor was mummy – who said now she’ll never be able to figure out how to use the remote.

Umm… sorry?



So there I was, minding my own business in the cardboard tunnel dad set up (the “worm hole” as some call it), and suddenly there was movement and a bright flash.

destructo-bun caught on film


Can’t you see I’m busy here? Can’t a bun get some privacy to rip cardboard in peace?



No Treats = Bunny Abuse

This weekend, we escaped (again). Dad wasn’t very happy, so he didn’t give us treats.

I submit that depriving rabbits of their rightful morning treats is tantamount to “bunny abuse.”

Unfortunately, every time we escape, dad finds a way to stop us from getting out that way again. Eventually we’re going to run out of tricks!

Also: I found a way under the bed this weekend when no one was looking – all by myself! And mum and dad thought I was still in the office, so they even closed the door and left me in there! It was great!

Well, it was great until dad realized where I was… and then realized that I’d… um… chewed his phone cord… again…

I had to spend a while sitting alone in the dark of the bathroom for that one. It wasn’t fun. So that’s why when this morning Betsy said she’d found a way behind the couch, I declined to go with her – and a good thing, too. Mummy was NOT happy when she found Betsy behind the couch!

When I put it like that, it seems like we had a very eventful weekend, even though it didn’t feel like it. Dad’s computer thing was “under construction” all weekend, so that’s why we didn’t write.

Well, I’m going to go stretch my legs in the living room for a bit. Later!