The other day, Gus and I got up on the couch. Dad found us a few minutes later. He wasn’t very happy.

remote damage 1

I don’t know why… but… the remote buttons look soooooo tasty!

remote damage 2

I just couldn’t help myself! They’re chewy – like “rabbit bubblegum!”

remote damage 3

Dad was not happy. Nor was mummy – who said now she’ll never be able to figure out how to use the remote.

Umm… sorry?



  1. It’s okay, Betsy. Remote Button is a normal bunny culinary treat. I’m sure once you explain it to the bipeds, all will be well.

    Right. Well, you can always come live with us. Bring Gus!

  2. Yeah, I did that for Mum and Dad’s remote too. I thought it was a treat left especially for me… apparently not. Whoops!

  3. Deb just got these converter box thingys and they came with remotes — so now we have the TV remote AND the converter box remote — lots more buttons to chew on! I can’t wait until she lets her guard down!

  4. Yummy, we are not allowed to have remotes and would like to try them now. We fooled her into thinking we’d eaten a bunch of memory foam (she got all worried about out intestinals) but we had really just ripped it with out little paws.

  5. Mom and Dad are glad my bunny friends and I don’t seem interested in their remotes. We’ve sniffed them, but did not think much of them. However, after the testimonials of how good remote buttons taste, we may try them if Mom and Dad ever put them in a place we can get them.

  6. Gigi and I haven’t any interest in Remote buttons but the bun that used to live here loved them. He got the surround sound, the satellite, The TV and the VCR/DVD remotes oh the stories mummy tells about that little stinker.

  7. I have my eye on Dad’s Bose home-theater remote, but he guards it with his life after the last remote I found…

  8. Lol, my remotes are mostly button-less too!!

    btw, we gave you an award on our blog, come over & have a look when you take a break from chewing remote buttons!

  9. LOL Bunny the artist ate many remote control buttons in his life. He also used to step on the buttons and change channels or turn the tv on or off. I’ll have to take photos of his remote control button “art” and add them to his blog soon.

    Bunny the artist’s mom

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