My Remodelling

I’ve been hard at work doing some renovations to the bunny condo dad made for us. It needed some upgrades, Betsy style.

betsy's new back door

For starters, dad forgot to add a back door! Fortunately I was able to take care of this obvious shortcoming in short order.

more of betsy's handiwork

I didn’t really like that ramp to the 2nd floor, so I tore it down. Also, the floor was too smooth, so I roughed it up a bit.

cardboard shavings

I also widended the door leading from what dad called the “garage” into the main house. Dad says I need to learn to clean up after my work, but I say… that’s what your job is, dad!

My work here is done… for now!


Betsy's New Portrait


  1. More than just a few chews here and there, I’d say! You should *hear* the *noise* Betsy makes when she’s “renovating.” She really gets into it!

  2. Aw~~ Nice job Betsy~~
    i got you, about the noise that they made during the renovation going on. same way like my bunnies did. *impressive*

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