1. Peaches has inspected this photograph and said you should have done more nibbling while you had a chance; she feels that perhaps your dad is annoyed that you are not more productive.

  2. Hrmph. Who needs rules?! Mom says we’re not allowed on anything comfy (bed, couch, chair) because we have a tendency to pee. We don’t really listen. We don’t think you should either.

  3. I think it is too bad that your dad had a fork in his back pocket when he sat in his chair and now he’s blamed those holes on you…….

  4. I actually just sent a picture of King Gus on his throne to a friend of mine who was showing off her C-A-T on her similar chair. She did admit you looked cuter than the cat.

    So in the name of cute, your Dad should just put a large bath sheet over the chair and leave your be.

  5. HA, at first I “LOL” at this…but then I thought about everything my bunbun Patty chews up…it wasn’t so LOL funny anymore (but really it is funny, because you forgive them 20 seconds later…and because they’re cute..you give them a treat to boot!).

  6. Ah ha ha….I was admiring that chair and thinking ‘hmmm lucky the buns don’t get their teeth on that..” and then I scroll down and see they did get to it….bunny owners must succumb to punch holes everywhere don’t we! ha ha…

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