I Will Have My Revenge

Thank you everyone for wishing me well. I am (mostly) feeling better now, although I am still furious about the way I’ve been treated.

betsy (and gus) under the big round chair (closeup) Fortunately, I have already started on my plan for revenge.

For starters, I have taken some big chomps out of some of mum’s favorite (and most expensive) shoes. That’ll teach her to participate in bunny torture (a.k.a., critical care syringe feeding)!!

This revenge is particularly effective because I haven’t touched any of mum’s shoes in years, so she wasn’t expecting it. Kind of like how I wasn’t expecting being taken to the vet and put under anesthesia to have something cut out of the side of my face! Or how I wasn’t expecting to be force fed critical care 3 times a day for over a week!

My revenge on dad will be a little bit more difficult – he is very careful about keeping his things out of our reach. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but here are some things I might do:

  • Some of dad’s DVDs are just barely reachable if I stand on my hind legs – I’m sure he’d love it if I pulled a few down and chomped on them.
  • Dad gets really excited when I go to the bedroom door and scratch against it.
  • Although he is very good at bunny-proofing cords, I’m sure I can find a way to get access to at least one power cord or other type of cable that he didn’t sufficiently bunny-proof.
  • The pillows and cushions on the couch are a ripe target, and I haven’t been up there for a while. Dad can’t protect them either, because then he wouldn’t be able to sit there!
  • When dad picks me up (which he is still doing every other day, to give me subcutaneous antibiotic injections), I could squirm and kick – I used to do this long, long, long ago, when I first came to live with mum and dad, and my back claws left some very nice scratches on dad’s arms.

Those are just some ideas, and I’m still thinking of the best way to enact my revenge on dad. One thing you can be sure of though – it’ll come when he least expects it!

I will have my revenge!!




  1. Glad to hear you’re regaining your feisty form, Betsy! Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold. Sounds like your plans are on the right track, best of luck implementing them!

  2. So glad to hear you’re feeling up to plotting revenge. I’m sure if you get Gus to help you, you’ll pull off a stunning feat. Best wishes as you plot your revenge! Love Love Love!

  3. You need to do what we do….become what our dad calls “parrot bunnies.” That’s when we climb up mom’s front and then sit on her shoulder or back. It keeps her from doing icky things to us like cut nails or brush us for a while. Sometimes she has to get dad to help her get us down. If that does not work, do what my neighbor Ibram bunny does….just use those teeth on their arms. They’re pretty immune to scratches, especially since they seem to have multiple skins. Anyways, glad to hear you are back to your old feisty self. You already got your stare back to full force…..maybe you can use that against your mom and dad.

  4. Uhhh, Dad? I think you’d better go hide somewhere. Betsy is back with a vengance.

    At our house, everything on your list is taken care of on a regular basis. We’d have to think hard to find a new and unexpected way to upset our parents. Good luck with massive revenge!

  5. Go for the cords! Especially any having to do with computers! They are yummy and expensive to replace. That will show him! 🙂

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