Time to Wake Up Mum & Dad

This morning mum & dad were sleeping, while I wanted to get out of my area and play.

So I hopped on top of my box house and started making as much noise as I could.

Sure enough, it woke up dad and he came out to see what was going on.

time for a new house

“Oh good, now that I have your attention, feed me. Oh, and maybe it’s time for a new cardboard box.”



  1. It’s amazing how they can be such “party animals” when we humans are tired. Yep, might be time for a new box as that one is seeing some structural damage. 😉

  2. Wow, what a box! Frank has to settle for bankers boxes, but it’s the same idea: just looking at the roof of that box, I know exactly what noise you’re talking about. I’ve conditioned myself to sleep through it, though: it’s his? it’s safe? it’s none of my business! lol I think I’ll go blog about it now…

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