Helping Betsy

Although Betsy is the de-facto “destructo-bun” around here, sometimes even I like to get in on the destruction action.

Yesterday I was helping Betsy do some work on the bigger of the two boxes dad added to our area. But then dad had to come along and spoil it by peeking in on me. It’s hard to work when someone’s watching, you know!

gus playing peek-a-boo

“I know the sound of that beep…”

Of course dad couln’t resist taking pictures of me, too. Ugh, dad, what is this, a performance review? C’mon.

peek-a-boo gus

“C’mon, dad, go away! It’s creepy working with you standing over me like that!”

Eventually I stared dad down and he left me in peace, but I wasn’t in the mood to chew anymore, which was a bummer. Betsy picked up where I left off, though.

Maybe I need to work on chewing quieter so dad doesn’t hear and come out to investigate. He’s so nosy!


Gus's Newer Portrait


  1. Hi Gus and Betsy! Wow I like your box. I have a smaller box, but I fit in it, and me’n’Norbert really like to rip it apart! Maybe we will get a hole as big as yours! I feel some box-ripping inspiration…

  2. I know what you mean. Every time I start a project, one of the humans has to come investigate, as if I might need help or something.

  3. I know exactly what you mean! Hugo Bun and I did some awesome team work in ripping off cardboard, but mum would always come to see how we were doing… Now I have moved on to digging the carpet, and this attracts her even more. What is a bun to do to have some private working time?

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