Gus… that’s MY job!

The other night, mum and dad had some strange people over. They left us alone, but while they were here, the bunny jail was removed!

Unfortunately, after they left dad put it right back up. Gus was not happy about this. He thinks he’s been unfairly imprisoned.

The next morning, he took out his anger on our bunny temple.

Wait a minute, Gus – destroying things is supposed to be MY job!

Dad later said that Gus has “big, sharp, nasty pointy teeth” while doing a weird thing with his hand.

They’re both weird… like dad, like bun, I guess!



  1. I think Gus is right, the temple does need a little window next to the door; better Bun Shui

  2. LOL! Yeah, “Dad”, Gus is just the right size and color, too! Erm, am I the only one who gets it?

    Hey, guys, DKM tagged me for a super name meme, and I tagged you! <a title=”Sam’s Place” href=””right here! Enjoy!

  3. Way to go Gus… I think that the door extension is just what was missing on the temple, not to mention that it is a good therapy for when you’re bored (I do the same).

  4. good job Gus, gotta keep those teeth down, and chewing is the best way! don’t be upset betsy, he’s just helping!

    hey well dkm did two meme’s so i tagged you for the OTHER one… the memoir meme

    guess it’s a busy meme weekend! wow – sorry i didn’t realize you were tagged for another so only do it if you want!

  5. Well first, it has been a long time coming! That temple was unscathed for quite a long time. Second, Gus clearly had that task on his mind … no slacking or getting distracted. Third .. No – I don’t get the joke/reference.

    We have been known to “ShowOff” the bunns for company from time to time … and then drag out the old stuff after they’ve gone!

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