Tag: human behavior

  • Bilateral Bunny

    Betsy learns that her markings are bilaterally symmetrical, and couldn’t care less.

  • A New Challenger Has Appeared

    The buns face off against… a shop vac?

  • Shove-of-War

    Betsy plays with her dad – it’s not quite “tug-of-war,” more like “shove-of-war.” And as always, the bunny wins!

  • Oh, The Indignity

    Outrage at the indignity of dressing up your pets.

  • A Day’s Conversations with Dad

    Gus explains all the ways his dad has just completely lost his mind.

  • Dad Ruins Carrots, Again

    Honestly I don’t know why he does this – it just ruins the flavor, if you ask me. Although I do approve of the paper cups he used – they have rabbits on them. Still, they were Made from Captain Ruperts’ favorite carrot cake recipe, so maybe it’s not that bad. -Gus

  • Bun in the Sun

    The sun was streaming into the living room this morning, and I was spending a litte time outside my area, just relaxing. Then, I sensed something… I feel like someone’s… watching me… Oh, it’s just you, dad. Hmmm, wait, you’re way over there and lying on the floor… you might have treats!! (Hey, you never…

  • Bunny Loaves?

    Mum and dad sometimes talk about “bunny loaves.” They say this is an example: Mum also says that Gus is “white bread” and that I’m “multi-grain.” Dad thought this was hilarious. Mum and Dad sure have a weird sense of humor. -Betsy

  • A Story from my Youth

    The other day dad reminded me of a story from when I was a young, little bunny. When I first came to live with mum & dad, they tried very hard to make sure I was OK with all the strange noises that were around where they lived. One night, there was a thunderstorm –…

  • A Message From Dad

    Dad says that someone’s told him that they’re having trouble when leaving our website. Being a particularly weird sort of human, he takes those sorts of problems seriously. If it was me, I’d say just nibble the cords on your computer until the problem goes away. I hear Betsy is available for this sort of…