Bilateral Bunny

Mum has been taking a biology course lately, and the other day she told me that my markings (as seen from above) are “bilaterally symmetrical.”

betsy from above Mum thought this was pretty neat and seemed very pleased with herself.

So I told her that she is bilaterally out of her mind. Then I proceeded to ignore her for the rest of the night.

I think she got the hint.


A New Challenger Has Appeared

Lately dad has been lamenting over how much of a mess we make in our area, saying things like we’ve “gotten worse” and “stop making such a huge mess” and of course his exasperated cry of “I just cleaned your area!”

Whatever, dad. Gus and I have no idea what he’s talking about. Our area is just fine, thank you. And the hay that is scattered all over the floor – well, as we’ve talked about previously, if dad would just give us the good hay to begin with, we wouldn’t have to dig for it and scatter it everywhere. Honestly, can’t he figure this stuff out on his own, or do I have to spell it all out for him?

Anyway, the other day mum and dad came home with a new box, and then this thing showed up:

vacmaster shop vacDad said he was tired of constantly picking up after us, and tired of our hay clogging his regular vacuum.

Now, almost every day, once we’ve left our area and settled into dad’s office for our daily nap, we can hear dad using this thing for a little while out in our area. And then we come out, and all the hay we’ve meticulously scattered everywhere is GONE.

On top of that, now there’s a new loud thing (which of course scares Gus; but I am made of sterner stuff) and another reason for dad to be invading our space.

I don’t think I like where this is going.



Last night, dad came by and didn’t like how I’d moved our hay bowl into a crooked position in our area. So, he pushed it back.

The thing is, I was sitting there. So I grabbed the hay bowl with my teeth and pushed it back at him.

Dad was shocked (of course), but then he pushed the bowl back.

So I grabbed it again and tossed it back out sideways in the middle of our area again. “No, dad, I want it there.”

Dad just didn’t get it, so we tossed the bowl back & forth a few times. Dad tried to hold it, but he forgets that I’m quite strong!

Eventually he pushed it back and then put his hand in the bowl and leaned on it (with all his weight). But I’m not going to let him win – I just gave him a look and turned around and hopped away. Sometimes, “the only winning move is not to play.”


Betsy's New Portrait

p.s. – as soon as dad went to bed I pushed the hay bowl back out. Take that, dad!!

Oh, The Indignity

Today dad picked me up and carried me to mummy, who was smiling in a way I didn’t like.

Turns out, I had good reason to be suspicious of her motives – just look!

betsy devil above

Turns out she’d bought some little costumes at the store.

betsy devil

I don’t like this.

betsy does not like this

I will make you suffer for this indignity.

gus joins the party

Eventually dad brought Gus into the party. Misery loves company, after all.

gus the king

Gus didn’t understand it any more than I did.

gus does not like his crown

I don’t think the crown fit him very well, either.

buns not happy being in costume

Bunnies should not be dressed up!

buns in costumes - betsy devil and gus king

This is just silly mummy, take it off!

roles reversed

No, wait, that’s not what I meant!!

princess betsy and devil gus

I wonder if it’d be OK if I took a flying leap off this table…

betsy looks good in a crown

I don’t need no stinkin’ crown to know I’m the boss around here!

gus does not like the implications of this costume

Gus did not like the implications made by this costume.

the buns in costume from above

This is just not right.

After that, mum took the clothes off of us and dad helped her put us back down on the ground. Fortunately, the whole ordeal didn’t take more than a few minutes… but it was still degrading in a way that bunnies should not be subjected to.

I’ll have to think of something particularly valuable to chew on tonight to make up for this injustice.


Betsy's New Portrait

A Day’s Conversations with Dad

My dad talks with us a lot during the day (since he works from home and is around us all day long). One phrase he uses a lot is “Hey Gussy boy, what’s happening,” said in the same tone of voice as that boss guy, um, “Lumburg” from that silly “Office Space” movie. (Dad has never asked me about my TPS reports, though.)

Since I think lots of the things my dad says are pretty crazy, I took some notes – here are all the crazy things my dad says to me during the day.

Hey Guys, time for brekkie!

Hey guys, what’s happening?

That’s my good little bunnies – eat your brekkie.

Hey Gus, where are you going?

Oh, hi Gus.

Gus? What are you doing out there?

Gus! You know you’re not supposed to be over there!

I see you, Gus!

Oh hey Gus – can I get past you now?

Gus… what are you doing?

Nap time, eh Gus?

You’re such a good boy Gussy.

C’mon Gus, time for din-din.

There’s my good boy, eat your din-din.

Awww, who’s a sleepy boy, huh? You tired, Gus? Had a long day?

Gus you’re so handsome!

Who’s daddy’s little angel bunny?

Er, Gus, that doesn’t look comfortable…

Goodnight guys, daddy’s going to bed now. You two be good. Play nice, don’t destroy anything, eat your din-din. I’ll see you in the morning. Daddy loves you – goodnight!

See what I mean? He’s totally bonkers.

What are some of the weird things your humans say?


Gus's Newer Portrait

Bun in the Sun

The sun was streaming into the living room this morning, and I was spending a litte time outside my area, just relaxing.

bun in the sun

Then, I sensed something…

glowing gus

I feel like someone’s… watching me…

starting to wake up

Oh, it’s just you, dad.

gus notices he's being watched

Hmmm, wait, you’re way over there and lying on the floor… you might have treats!! (Hey, you never know.)

who is that?

I guess I’ll come over to investigate. Y’know, just in case.

must investigate

Oh, hi Betsy.

betsy comes to help

Dad… what are you doing? Are you hiding treats??

what are you doing?


obligatory nose close up

Sadly, dad had no treats – just his silly camera.

Betsy was very disappointed.

betsy disapproves

Since there was nothing to eat, Betsy and I went back to our area to lounge around for a bit longer.

investigation complete

This story does have a happy ending, though! Dad came by later and gave us a treat!

Dad’s a tricky one, I tell you! You never know when he might have a treat! That’s why I always investigate whenever he does something different. You never know when it might pay off with a treat!


Gus's Newer Portrait

Bunny Loaves?

Mum and dad sometimes talk about “bunny loaves.” They say this is an example:

bunny loaves

Mum also says that Gus is “white bread” and that I’m “multi-grain.” Dad thought this was hilarious.

Mum and Dad sure have a weird sense of humor.


Betsy's New Portrait

A Story from my Youth

The other day dad reminded me of a story from when I was a young, little bunny.

When I first came to live with mum & dad, they tried very hard to make sure I was OK with all the strange noises that were around where they lived.

One night, there was a thunderstorm – it was the first thunderstorm since I’d come to live with mum & dad. Dad wasn’t sure I’d know what lightning and thunder was, and thought it might scare me (it did end up getting quite close, so it was really loud). So dad stayed up with me that night, talking to me until the thunderstorm was gone.

Of course, he didn’t have to do this – I’m a smart bunny and I know that you’re safe when you’re in a house. I was totally relaxed the entire time.


Of course it was nice of dad to stay up. But now he knows that thunder and lightning really doesn’t bother me – or Betsy, for that matter. Though dad still does stay up late with us sometimes – he’s just weird like that. (He can stay up as late as he likes – as long as he’s up on time for treats in the morning!!!)


Gus's Newer Portrait

A Message From Dad

Dad says that someone’s told him that they’re having trouble when leaving our website. Being a particularly weird sort of human, he takes those sorts of problems seriously.

If it was me, I’d say just nibble the cords on your computer until the problem goes away. I hear Betsy is available for this sort of work, if you need help.

You may also want to try having a rabbit sit near your computer and disapprove of it. I’m sure the concentrated disapproval will scare your computer into behaving correctly.

Dad says if you have problems with our website you can get in touch with him here.

OK dad, now I did your silly announcement – now give me a treat!!

Gus's Newer Portrait