A New Challenger Has Appeared

Lately dad has been lamenting over how much of a mess we make in our area, saying things like we’ve “gotten worse” and “stop making such a huge mess” and of course his exasperated cry of “I just cleaned your area!”

Whatever, dad. Gus and I have no idea what he’s talking about. Our area is just fine, thank you. And the hay that is scattered all over the floor – well, as we’ve talked about previously, if dad would just give us the good hay to begin with, we wouldn’t have to dig for it and scatter it everywhere. Honestly, can’t he figure this stuff out on his own, or do I have to spell it all out for him?

Anyway, the other day mum and dad came home with a new box, and then this thing showed up:

vacmaster shop vacDad said he was tired of constantly picking up after us, and tired of our hay clogging his regular vacuum.

Now, almost every day, once we’ve left our area and settled into dad’s office for our daily nap, we can hear dad using this thing for a little while out in our area. And then we come out, and all the hay we’ve meticulously scattered everywhere is GONE.

On top of that, now there’s a new loud thing (which of course scares Gus; but I am made of sterner stuff) and another reason for dad to be invading our space.

I don’t think I like where this is going.







10 responses to “A New Challenger Has Appeared”

  1. Mummy Avatar

    Well then stop making a mess my little chocolate chip muffin! And you HAVE gotten much worse, you used to have good litterbox habits – now you are carpet pooping machines.
    Love Mummy

  2. Erin Avatar

    Ah yes! You have discovered the joys of the SHOP VAC!! We can’t live without ours in this house!

  3. Lisa Avatar

    Ahhhh <3 shop vac!!! Yours looks fancy, too, lots of nice reacher tools. Ours just started blowing instead of sucking recently. I'm not sure what's going on, but I need to fix it.

  4. Karlly Avatar

    does it suck up all the hay just fine??? and poop and everything and NOT CLOG????

  5. Freckles and Deb Avatar

    We think you are up to this new challenge, Betsy!

  6. Keithius Avatar

    @Karlly: it does suck up the hay and poop just fine. It can clog a little bit if the hay has lots of big long stiff pieces in it, but it is SUPER easy to unclog, so it’s not bad. MUCH better than our regular upright vacuum, that’s for sure!!

  7. the bunns Avatar

    There are two of those things here. Their “bark” is way worse than their “bite”! And, when they get all that hay then they fill up and quit working and are REALLY heavy to carry out to unload and the filter gets clogged and boy oh boy do the operators have to pay the fiddler then! Serves them right. Just wait them out.

  8. Katie Avatar

    Oh no! But at least it means your area will be nice and clean. I just hope your Dad doesn’t think of vacuuming bunnies to keep them clean too! That would be scary! (But possibly very effective hehe!)

  9. The very bunny family Avatar

    Hi there! So thats like a super vac especially for bunny poop and hay? Excellent I say!

  10. Karlly Avatar

    OMG!! I’m getting one asap for my bunnies!!!!!