Eating Hay is Hard Work

It is hard work eating hay. Dad doesn’t believe me, but it is. You have to really dig down to find the good bits in your bowl, and those good bits are often covered by other, not-quite-as-good bits.

Naturally, there is a certain technique to getting down to the good bits at the bottom of the bowl.

betsy sitting in the hay bowl

Dad, of course, does not appreciate the subtleties of this technique and just thinks I’m being lazy.



  1. Betsy, how could anyone think you’re lazy? They’re just envious of your successful technique.

  2. It’s VERY important to get the right pieces. Also, you can’t just eat it how your mom or dad puts it in. It needs to be arranged properly first or it just doesnt taste right.

  3. If he’d put the right pieces on the top in the first place then you would have to dig to get them.

  4. Lucky is our champion hay-eater. But he just starts at the top and works down until it is ALL GONE! We all have to pick and choose our favorites very quickly with that animal around!

  5. Dear Betsy,
    your dad is confused, he doesn’t mean that you are lazy, because obviously you are putting much hard work and thought into this hay eating, I think he wants to say that you are beyond his understanding…….
    We all have this problem.
    4bunsof FUN

  6. You look like you’ve been sprung doing something naughty! Which we know is NOT the case, because you are simply trying to get down to the good bits. Nom nom nom!

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