Last night, dad came by and didn’t like how I’d moved our hay bowl into a crooked position in our area. So, he pushed it back.

The thing is, I was sitting there. So I grabbed the hay bowl with my teeth and pushed it back at him.

Dad was shocked (of course), but then he pushed the bowl back.

So I grabbed it again and tossed it back out sideways in the middle of our area again. “No, dad, I want it there.”

Dad just didn’t get it, so we tossed the bowl back & forth a few times. Dad tried to hold it, but he forgets that I’m quite strong!

Eventually he pushed it back and then put his hand in the bowl and leaned on it (with all his weight). But I’m not going to let him win – I just gave him a look and turned around and hopped away. Sometimes, “the only winning move is not to play.”


Betsy's New Portrait

p.s. – as soon as dad went to bed I pushed the hay bowl back out. Take that, dad!!





8 responses to “Shove-of-War”

  1. Cadbury Avatar

    Good for you, Betsy! Show those bipeds who’s boss!

  2. Fiona Bun Avatar
    Fiona Bun

    What part of ‘the bunny always wins’ does he not get?

  3. D.C. Moll Avatar

    What is his trip? Has he always been this controlling?

  4. The Bunns Avatar

    He seems rather “anal” ….

  5. Crafty green poet Avatar

    fancy messing with a bunny’s food bowl and expecting to win!

  6. Hef's Mom Avatar

    That’ll show him!

  7. Freckles and Deb Avatar

    Won’t your dad ever learn — the bun is always right! You certainly taught him a lesson!

  8. Miss Eve Avatar

    Well, you certainly have to train your dad a bit more. Mum and Mr D know exactly where we want our stuff, and there’s no messing about with us. (Just try to avoid asking mum about the scattered litter on the floor… she didn’t like it much last night, apparently the pasta was almost ready and I did a mess… ho hum…)