Tag: bunny games

  • Hide and Seek

    It’s hard to play hide & seek when you are a white rabbit on a black rug.

  • Hide-and-Seek

    Gus is playing his own weird version of hide-and-seek, and he thinks he’s found the best hiding spot ever.

  • Shove-of-War

    Betsy plays with her dad – it’s not quite “tug-of-war,” more like “shove-of-war.” And as always, the bunny wins!

  • Game?

    Dad told me about this “tagged” thing that Rabbits Guy did to us, he called it a “meme?” I’ll have to get Gus to help me look that word up. Anyway, dad said we had to list 3 things that we’ve never done before and that we’d like to do if we wouldn’t get in…