Dad told me about this “tagged” thing that Rabbits Guy did to us, he called it a “meme?” I’ll have to get Gus to help me look that word up.

Anyway, dad said we had to list 3 things that we’ve never done before and that we’d like to do if we wouldn’t get in trouble for it. Well, that’s easy!

  1. Dig a big hole in the floor… err… ground
  2. Make a nest out of pillows
  3. Figure out how to open the treats containers

Now dad tells me I need to pick 3 other bunnies to pass this on to. Hmmm, this sounds like a game Gus and I have played together!

I think I would pick Fury & Frost, Albright at the Heartland Bunny Blog (cuz he looks like Gus), and Malou and Talisman at The Bunny Lovers Shop.

Bye now!


Betsy’s New Portrait





4 responses to “Game?”

  1. Fiona Bun Avatar

    Excellent things, all three!

  2. Freckles & Deb Avatar

    The digging thing — I want to do that! (Deb won’t let me dig my hole under the couch!)

    And, the treat thing — if you ever figure out how to get the treat container open, let me know!

  3. Gus Avatar

    I’ve tried grabbing the edge of it and tossing it, and Betsy’s tried chewing at it, but it’s made of some hard stuff!

    Dad thinks he’s SO special with his “opposable thumbs!” I’d like to see HIM jump 6 times his own height!


  4. Rabbits' Guy Avatar

    Great ideas guys! I knew you would be creative!