I’ve found the best hiding spot EVER.

gus is hiding

Pretty sweet, eh? I know, I totally blend right into the background.

Just don’t tell dad where I am.


Gus's Newer Portrait






6 responses to “Hide-and-Seek”

  1. Glenna, Pink, Peaches and Elvis Avatar

    Gus, where are you? We can’t see you!

  2. the bunns Avatar

    You’ve nailed it Gus! Baxter tries something similar, but he is too big and sticks out the ends …

  3. sez Avatar

    LOL reminds me of my cat who used to always hide in the curtain (to pounce on us), with either her butt hanging out or her twitching tail at the very least;)

  4. Silver Avatar

    You are very invisible.

  5. Hef's Mom Avatar

    If its a secret hiding place posting it on the internet isn’t the best idea, look what happened to paris hilton.

  6. Crafty green poet Avatar

    is there a bunny in that photo?