A Day’s Conversations with Dad

My dad talks with us a lot during the day (since he works from home and is around us all day long). One phrase he uses a lot is “Hey Gussy boy, what’s happening,” said in the same tone of voice as that boss guy, um, “Lumburg” from that silly “Office Space” movie. (Dad has never asked me about my TPS reports, though.)

Since I think lots of the things my dad says are pretty crazy, I took some notes – here are all the crazy things my dad says to me during the day.

Hey Guys, time for brekkie!

Hey guys, what’s happening?

That’s my good little bunnies – eat your brekkie.

Hey Gus, where are you going?

Oh, hi Gus.

Gus? What are you doing out there?

Gus! You know you’re not supposed to be over there!

I see you, Gus!

Oh hey Gus – can I get past you now?

Gus… what are you doing?

Nap time, eh Gus?

You’re such a good boy Gussy.

C’mon Gus, time for din-din.

There’s my good boy, eat your din-din.

Awww, who’s a sleepy boy, huh? You tired, Gus? Had a long day?

Gus you’re so handsome!

Who’s daddy’s little angel bunny?

Er, Gus, that doesn’t look comfortable…

Goodnight guys, daddy’s going to bed now. You two be good. Play nice, don’t destroy anything, eat your din-din. I’ll see you in the morning. Daddy loves you – goodnight!

See what I mean? He’s totally bonkers.

What are some of the weird things your humans say?


Gus's Newer Portrait


  1. My mom always calls me Heffy, and it sounds like Hefty, I’m not a trash bag! TPS Reports are when you shred the TP right?

  2. Tyler-She tells me how very dominant I am, and I am, very, very dominant.
    Sydney-She tells me what a good girl I am, that’s crazy ’cause she doesn’t know what the back of the couch looks like.

  3. Elvis says: “When she sees me, she screams ‘Hi, Tweaker!’ because I’m small and kind of nervous like that Southpark character!”

  4. My mommy always says “who’s momma’s wittle monkey?” and “who’s momma wittle man?”. I dont get it. Am i a monkey, a man or a bunny?! She’s crazy!

    At least I’ve figured out what “din-din, salad’ and “OH NO NO NO” means!

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