A Story from my Youth

The other day dad reminded me of a story from when I was a young, little bunny.

When I first came to live with mum & dad, they tried very hard to make sure I was OK with all the strange noises that were around where they lived.

One night, there was a thunderstorm – it was the first thunderstorm since I’d come to live with mum & dad. Dad wasn’t sure I’d know what lightning and thunder was, and thought it might scare me (it did end up getting quite close, so it was really loud). So dad stayed up with me that night, talking to me until the thunderstorm was gone.

Of course, he didn’t have to do this – I’m a smart bunny and I know that you’re safe when you’re in a house. I was totally relaxed the entire time.


Of course it was nice of dad to stay up. But now he knows that thunder and lightning really doesn’t bother me – or Betsy, for that matter. Though dad still does stay up late with us sometimes – he’s just weird like that. (He can stay up as late as he likes – as long as he’s up on time for treats in the morning!!!)


Gus's Newer Portrait


  1. Good reporting Gus …. by the way, you look like you got the center seat in first class on the 7-BUNNY-7!!!

    No more problems leaving the website so far … knock. thump, rhump, knock …

  2. IT HAPPENED … after I submitted the comment I tried to “X” out from your site and about 15 or so versions were replicated until everything stopped. When I did a Ctrl – Delete I got a white box saying sangerously low in system resources” I could not get out of that and had to restart everything. I don’t know if this comment will make it – I will try to fine that other link and leave an explanation ..

  3. You’ve got a great Dad, Gus! My bunnies are afraid of the sound firecrackers make.. they don’t hear them very often, only during the Chinese/Lunar New Year. I have to comfort them each time.. poor things..

  4. @The Bunns:

    This site uses some javascript to help keep automated spam-bots from leaving nasty comments… if you’re using WinME with IE6 (or earlier??), and your computer is running low on memory, it might mess up the javascript interpreter in IE.

    The 15 or so versions of the site that you see are probably a problem with the Window Manager in Windows itself trying to draw the screen but not having enough free memory to do it.

    I’ve been unable to replicate that behavior though in my WinME virtual machine – can you tell me more about any other stuff in your browser (toolbars, add-ins, etc.)?

    You can reach me at my name @ starkeith.net (likewise with Gus & Betsy if you’d rather write to them!)

  5. What a nice Dad you’re got! Our buns aren’t scared of thunder either. The only noise they don’t like is the vacuum!

  6. We haven’t had a problems but will let you know if we do after leaving our comment! It’s nice that everyone agrees that thunder won’t bother you, but it is also kind of nice to have a dad stay up late with you!

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