A Message From Dad

Dad says that someone’s told him that they’re having trouble when leaving our website. Being a particularly weird sort of human, he takes those sorts of problems seriously.

If it was me, I’d say just nibble the cords on your computer until the problem goes away. I hear Betsy is available for this sort of work, if you need help.

You may also want to try having a rabbit sit near your computer and disapprove of it. I’m sure the concentrated disapproval will scare your computer into behaving correctly.

Dad says if you have problems with our website you can get in touch with him here.

OK dad, now I did your silly announcement – now give me a treat!!

Gus's Newer Portrait


  1. Thanks for being the messenger Gus … actually RG just about pulled out all the cords and threw everything through the window when it happened last. Everything starts to blink, and a whole lot of little squares with the blue “e” in them show up along the bottom. Then the dreaded gray box comes along and says something about no more memory or such …

    He is going to try it again and watch closely and if it happens again will use that contact address link .. which of course he will need to go back to your site to use … oh well, it keeps him mad at something besides us adorababunns!

  2. OK, you bunns are magnificent … I have not been able to replicate the fault. Musy be you fixed it … keep your paws crossed … here I go again …

  3. Thanks for the dandelion greens info–I’ll run up there (my bunny gang suggested I take the morning off work and do that).

  4. Haven’t had any problems with your website so far. You both do a good job maintaining it! We’ve been searching for dandelion greens for a while.. we’re not sure if it grows here, but we certainly haven’t seen any yet 🙁

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