Mum & Dad’s Smelly Food

Gus really doesn’t like the smell of human food – especially when mum & dad fry anything. ICK!

But mum has started writing about her food, and she seems to like it. But it’s not for me – not for bunnies at all, I’d say – but still, it’s my mum (I love my mummy) so if you are a human or like human food, see what my mum has to say about it here. (Be nice to her, she’s new to this stuff – not an expert blogger like me!!)


Betsy's New Portrait

They Left Us!

Can you believe it? Mum and dad left us home alone on Christmas!

Oh, sure, they had an excuse – they had to travel back to Massachusetts to see family, and it was only for one night, and we would’ve hated traveling with them (that is true), but still… no one was here to give us TREATS on Christmas morning!

Of course they’re back now, and we had a great time running rampant through the whole house while they were gone, but… still… well I guess I’m just glad they’re back so we can stick to the routine I’ve trained them for (i.e. giving me food and treats at specified times).

I hope everybun had a nice holiday!

Gus's Newer Portrait

Don’t Be Scared Dad

Yesterday dad came out of his office and saw Betsy and I in the living room. I guess we were in his path, because he stopped and said:

“Oh no – two vicious bunnies in my way, what am I going to do? I can’t go on, I’m just too scared!”

We actually didn’t mean to block him, scare him, or give him looks of disapproval – so we hopped over to the other side of the room and let dad walk past. (We like to do nice things for dad once in a while – keeps him on his toes.)

He seemed pretty grateful.


Gus's Newer Portrait

Lounging Around

Sometimes I just like to lounge around.

gus lounging in the middle of the living room

Y’know, just relax while dad’s off working in another room.

Unfortunately, dad never turns up an opportunity to annoy me with the sound of his camera (or that little green light it flashes when it auto-focuses). ANNOYING!

gus realizes he's on camera

Fortunately, I was able to give dad the disapproving look he deserved for disturbing me. Maybe next time he’ll think twice before snapping my photo!


Gus's Newer Portrait

We Hate Christmas Photos

Every Christmas, dad thinks it’d be “cute” to pose us and take photos for his Christmas cards.

We strongly disapprove of this.

we will kill you for this injustice

Yes. We disapprove of this idea.

buns hate christmas photos

Ugh. Fine, dad, if it’ll get this over with, we’ll look cute… for just a moment.

get me out of here

Now get me OUT OF HERE!!!


Dad Still Loves Us

At least, I assume he still loves us – he cleaned up our area today, cleaned our litter box and put some fresh hay in the corner (nice to munch on while you’re busy in the litter box), et up a totally new Cottontail Cottage for us – AND he got us a sea grass matt thing (it’s SO fun to chew).

Well, I’ll let you know how it goes. Betsy and I need to check out the cottage, and chew the matt!



Although I am still miffed to learn that rabbits do not have a vote in this upcoming election-thingy, I thought I would take a moment to remind everyone who CAN vote who they should vote for:

That’s right. You know what you have to do – wait, what? He’s not on the ballot??? This is clearly a human conspiracy to deny us rabbits our inalianable rights to vote and disapprove!!!

OK, so new plan: everyone just write in Mr. Pinkerton. If you don’t, I may just have to disapprove of you.


Dad Thinks This Stuff is Funny

Dad was browsing some silly website, and he kept laughing, and these were the pictures he showed me.

I just gave him a disapproving look and went back to sleep.


Dad’s Gone Crazy

I think dad may have gone crazy. Maybe he’s trying to make up for the unspeakable act of leaving us at the vet for a week. I don’t know. But last night, after feeding us, he sat down outside our enclosure and read us a bedtime story.

Maybe it was because it had rabbits (hares, actually) in it?

I mean, it was a nice story and all (Betsy wasn’t impressed – she’s not the sentimental type) and it did make me sleepy… but still…

Do any other buns’ humans do this sort of weird stuff??