Mum & Dad’s Smelly Food

Gus really doesn’t like the smell of human food – especially when mum & dad fry anything. ICK!

But mum has started writing about her food, and she seems to like it. But it’s not for me – not for bunnies at all, I’d say – but still, it’s my mum (I love my mummy) so if you are a human or like human food, see what my mum has to say about it here. (Be nice to her, she’s new to this stuff – not an expert blogger like me!!)


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  1. I’m always interested in human food. Mom can’t understand why I think tuna sandwiches smells great and chase her around the house. And I can always smell banana in anything, even in their “pancakes”. Your mom’s food blog looks great! I heard my mom saying that she loves fish tacos and non-chocolate desserts. She’s def trying that!

  2. We don’t know how we feel about human food.. our humans eat out quite often and hardly ever cook! Maybe they’re being considerate to us, not subjecting us to icky smells 😀 We’re going to hop on over to you Mum’s blog now to check out what human food is all about!

  3. Say G and B. If that new food blog catches on, we’ld say you might be having lots of company coming to eat. You have taught her to blog quite well … of course not as well, but still …

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